Versions in Filenames

When releasing new updates to the SAFE launcher or SAFE demo app. Do you think it would be too much to include the version number in the file name? It gets kind of complicated when downloading new updates and the old version has the same file name as the new version in your download history and what not, not to mention sorting out all the files on your drive. This is quite noticeable for linux where you’re definitely not adding the verison number (I think you guys might be for windows I’d have to double check). But anyway the point is still valid. Please and thank you. Sorry I got this in the wrong catagory, wasn’t quite sure.


I agree. Anything that makes things clear and simple is worth the effort. I understand that little things will be overlooked due to the development pace though.


A clear way of identifying versions makes sense - I will pass this onto the team. Thanks guys :slight_smile: