TEST5 (AKA destructive test) - is now running

Thank you again, for all the recent help with these tests, it may seem like a pain, but it is vital we do these tests in this manner. We are closing in on more formal releases in the near future. It’s been a pretty frantic day today, but worth it. Viv and the team really made best use of every second in getting many commits merged and these releases done. Appveyor (Windows continous integration) has really caused us a lot of pain in waiting, we must resolve that issue soon.

This test will be likely very destructive, or at least should be. We have been already surprised by robustness of the network, that is what the tests are for though. So let’s find out…

TEST 5 will now commence and with the usual help and binaries, we hope you can help by running a (singular :slight_smile: ) vault and / or create some temporary sites,etc. We do not expect this test to last long at all. This is destined to destroy the network (we imagine) to provide us the information we need. This network is very unlikely to last long as we have disabled potential network saving features in an effort to provide the data we need to further enhance message priorities and some other smaller features.

This test is, however, expected to show improved data handling, speed and reduce network usage (again). We are still working on two main issues:

  • Data persistence between networks
  • Handling of nodes that have insufficient capabilities, although we are reducing the requirement for all nodes quite a bit through these tests.

###Launcher limitation

The current launcher, whilst improved is not the new UX yet. There is a bug being worked on where this does require to be restarted every few minutes. It is a pain, but we did not want to slow the network test due to this one. Please bear with us and we will release a fix over the next few days to remedy this issue.

So feel free to flood the network with data, sites, etc. but also realise this will be temporary and extremely valuable to us. We may restart with a new launcher if necessary, but hopefully we will just provide a new launcher if the network is stable enough for that.

###Get involved in TEST 5!

Please be aware this release will not allow older nodes or clients to connect to the network. You must use the new binaries below to connect to the TEST 5 network.

For this test you can run only 1 Vault node per LAN - running more than 1 will result in this message More than 1 routing node found on LAN. Currently this is not supported - for the objectives of this test please respect this restriction.

chunk_store_path can now be configured and this can be set within the vault config file > safe_vault.vault.config.

This is a test network and comes with the normal risks of using pre-release software. Please also be aware that this test network and will be reset, wiping all data that is stored on it.

SAFE Vault binaries
[SAFE Launcher binaries]
SAFE Demonstration Application binaries

How to download and install SAFE Launcher
Using SAFE Launcher
How to download and install the SAFE Demo App
Using the SAFE Demo App

###Where should I report issues?

GitHub is the best place to report issues and bugs. Using GitHub will help us (MaidSafe) manage issues and prioritise work within the Dev team faster.

For SAFE Vault issues / bugs
For SAFE Launcher issues / bugs
For SAFE Demonstration Application issues / bugs

If you are not sure if it is a real bug and have a question, the forums #support category is a great place to post this. As we know this is a friendly and responsive community and someone will help you out and of course as always thank you for participating in TEST 5.

Crust change log / Routing change log / Vault change log


http://www.krekc.safenet :slight_smile:

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If you see a tomato then it’s pronounced tomaaato and it’s us polluting clearnet from safenet :slight_smile:


So, can you see a tomato ? :smiley:



Nice tomato David :smile:


nice! seems to be quite quick this time around. Although in demo app the upload progress bar is very fast, yet the app itself is loading for several seconds after it finishes. UX wise, its a bit annoying (love progress bars, hate “infinite” loading graphics)


Great work again, so many commits and pulls again last weeks it’s amazing :thumbsup:

What exactly have you folks build in to kill this thing? Please don’t tell all your secrets, but some insight for the curious minds maybe? :wink:


We are killing messages of certain priorities over time. So aggressive dropping of messages on slow machine. Also limited number of vaults running as well as terminating on several more places than will exist in release. Also testing multi route traversal of data with caching of data parts with route detection and recovery etc.

So a lot of bits all getting tested here.

Client as you will see is going to get hammered with updates now. Viv is chasing that direction to [pull that up and explained that team. Those guys are working round the clock way too much, perhaps more than any of us and we need to help them. Plus we do want to start rolling out many more demo apps, lots more.


What does this mean?
core error: mutation failure: mutation error: low balance ?

Filled up my account?

Everything was very quick. http://test.bluebird.safenet/


Yes, 100 put limit. This is part of the test. Nice one, well if you have put 100 chunks (several files). Newer launcher will show this as it happens.


I dont see the launcher binaries on github…

We’re compiling from source with this one?

They uh, were there just a minute ago haha. I got the standard binary from there 10 minutes ago.

ha. okay. but you cant see them now, right?

The others are all there…

Alright, seem to remember reading something about that somewhere when you say it.

Yes I can’t see them now. Also I thought Demo App was uploading 0kb files after I initially uploaded my Website Folder. But it just takes awhile for the kilobytes/megabytes to show up! Cool.

they disappeared for me too - we probably just need to be patient for some moments :rolling_eyes:

uuuuuh - thanks @bluebird sometimes you miss the obvious :smiley:

Ok heres a mountain :smiley:

Discourse is gonna hate this.


No release binaries there for 0.5.1 :frowning:

(I did just click the link in the OP)

Actually they do seem to have moved.

I’ve got a vault up and running anyway. So that’s something!

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