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and this lesson is designed so that even people with ZERO CODING EXPERIENCE can join in and do all the steps with us. is limited to only 8 people right? Would google hangouts be better? I just know that the benefit of is that nobody needs to sign in to anything, just click and chat.

What do you guys think? Will probably just try on and if it gets too large try to switch. we’ll see.
Link is still the same.


Maybe Google Hangout is better indeed. You can share both the join link and a link for people just to watch. I’m probably not online at 19:00 CET but will join when I can.


#Lesson starts RIGHT NOW :stuck_out_tongue:

Link to the Lesson Plan

#Ok the videos finished, and I recorded them:

VIDEO #1 HERE First video to watch. Was a basic intro for new people with a very easy lesson on HTML and Javascript.

VIDEO #2 HERE This one builds on the knowledge from the first one, and uses your new Javascript abilities to make things that work on the SAFE Network!

VIDEO #3 HERE This one is the last one in this mini-series, and we break down the larger Demo App my company made, and looks at some of the code we used.

Now we are still doing live questions and answers here


This is the current link as the other link only allowed 8 people in and was full. This one allows for more users, so feel free to connect:


Who wants to call tomorrow (today), 12 noon? I’ll give updates about Asia & have some questions for @frabrunelle bout converting APIs for them. Let me know!


Any timezone??? Would like to calculate what time that is in CET.


Oh yeah my b

2pm my time EST East Coast USA

Sorry I woke up wayyy past 12noon jet lag

#video call about Asia, APIs etc IS OVER


2 people in, feel free to join :+1:.


Dev update time!! So…




If you have any questions about the last dev update, I’d be happy to help answer them :slight_smile:


#today’s call is here

Will begin immediately after dev update. Bring all your questions, etc! Get support with your new vault or anything @SAFE!


#Live call here !

with me and @frabrunelle

ask any dev update ?'s / anything SAFE


Live with @frabrunelle @JPL @Nigel @polpolrene still some room left … feel free to join… :clap:


I will see if I can join next time, was too late today.


I made myself free today :slight_smile: So everyone can talk to us after today’s Dev Update comes out!

#Live Video Q&A link for today!


Do you guys know when the update is, IDK from this new time zone


15:10 GMT now, usually between 19:00-21:00 GMT :slight_smile:


Yes, but we’re on summer time (not GMT) now Will, so add an hour - typically 20:30.


Some little info here about It’s a very easy to use website which allows for 8 people to join at once. No registration needed whatsoever. Does this site fit our community?? You bet :wink:

All communication between your browser and is transmitted over an encrypted connection (SSL). Video and audio transmitted in the service is sent directly between the participants in a room and is encrypted (SRTP) with client generated encryption keys. In some cases, due to NAT/firewall restrictions, the encrypted data content will be relayed through our server. We take pride in collecting and storing as little user data as possible in the service.

You can mute video to enter your name like this:

There’s a chat as well if your connection isn’t that great.

#Live Video Q&A link for today!

EDIT : Our little pub is open for drinks and conversation. @whiteoutmashups will show some mock_stuff in a few moments, feel free to join us.


I just saw the update was posted and came back.


@frabrunelle ? too busy?