Svm or SAFE Vault Manager

Introducing svm or SAFE Vault Manager. A small GUI tool to run and manage multiple vaults.
This is currently very rough around the edges, be forewarned.

You can download and install from the Git Page.


  • node and npm

git clone //or download zip from Github cd svm npm install
Then copy the contents of the official vault folder to a folder in svm called safe_vault/. The folder structure should be …

svm/safe_vault/safe_vault or safe_vault.exe svm/safe_vault/log.toml svm/safe_vault/safe_vault.crust.config

npm run start


Things seem to go quite well on Win10/64. But I can’t start Vaults so far. Even when I start a Vault myself for community1 it doesn’t show up.

hmmmm - ubuntu 16.04lts 64bit - i have the same effect :open_mouth:

no PID and routing table at 0 - and i don’t see safe_vaults running :open_mouth:

hmhmmm - is some config or anything else maybe missing in the git repo …? (just a stupid thought … that would be the easiest solution xD …)

Where is the latest documentaion on setting up a vault?

Make sure to create a new folder called safe_vault within svm with the contents of the official vault files.

svm/safe_vault/safe_vault or safe_vault.exe svm/safe_vault/log.toml svm/safe_vault/safe_vault.crust.config

Sorry, need to add windows support really quick!

Edit: Added and tested Windows support! Most likely will work on OS X also, but not able to test.


aaaaaaaaah - that was what i forgot about it! yes - now i get a PID and i seem to have messed up the community network config file because my node only sais “running listener” when started Oo

From the looks of it there are some problems with the community1 network.

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ok thx for the info - i thought it would be me being a little bit stupid here :open_mouth:

It’s a great idea and community1 is ideal testing for it.

Today we have dealt with the problem of someone either running a vault with teh wrong network name, or (more likely) running incompatible software (newer vault or launcher).

@Viv has promised to patch the software against this problem (incompatible nodes should simply be ignored). I don’t know when that will be published.

In the meantime I have moved the seed vault to another port (that solved it!) and adding back members one at a time.

My apologies for the inconvenience. We will return to normal service shortly. :slight_smile:


badAm! Community node :slight_smile: