Suggestions for improvments for SAFE Browser

Was wondering maybe we should start a thread where all suggestions for improvements from non-developers and developers alike are added so the development team other volunteer developers could see it.

Of course i understand it’s all very new right now and the developers may not have the time but it never hurts to have a bucket list, maybe they can work on it in the future if they have time. So feel free to comment below i’ll try my best to add everything here.

I’ll start with a few, starting with the operating system i used to test:

  1. (on OSX) Bookmarks bar - having a horizontal bookmarks bar(or at least having the option to adjust if you want one like this in the settings is helpful

  2. (on OSX) Zooming ability sync with touchpad - so if I’m on a website, i can’t pinch out to zoom in nor pinch in to zoom out. Would be nice if you make it possible :slight_smile:

  3. Not many settings : such as home default page, what happens if you open a new tab, and would also be nice if browser remembered all opened tabs and gave an option to continue where we left off.

  4. Crash revival(when it crashes it’ll still reopen all the sites user were on before the crash would be nice(idk if it’s already built in, haven’t had a crash yet)

  5. (on OSX) When i have a LOT of tabs open, and hover my mouse over the x button in an attempt to close lets say half of them, once i click it, the next tabs x bottom moves such that i have to move my house again in order to close it, if it can fixate in one place and let me close as many tabs i want it would be great :slight_smile:

  6. If possible make “Authorised Apps” icons have a link to the app/websites

  7. try to integrate web hosting manager in browser.


Hmmmmmn… the root of all of your problems seems to be OSX.

Apple are going to do a Nokia/Blackberry in the next 2 years, get out while you can!


Oh, I only tested it on OSX so far, so i don’t know about other operating systems. they may or may not have the same problems. but i thought i’ll write it with the OS indicated as to give more information to the developers.

I don’t know how simple this is, but I always had the feeling that the “Web Hosting Manager” just like the “Authenticator” should be integrated into the browser.

It would also be nice if “Authorised Apps” icons had a link to the app/websites

Give auth apps links


This is an excellent and easy to implement suggestion :+1:

Rather than making WHM (and other things) part of the browser, I think it’s an opportunity for third party developers to provide things like this in a Web App.

Combine that with a link in the authorised apps list (as Eddy suggests) and you have the makings of a desktop within the browser from where users can access the apps they have authorised. For desktop apps, the link could activate the desktop app rather than go to a website. Very nice :slight_smile:

I’m going to paste this into a feature request for the browser @19eddyjohn75: issue #204


Using the Authenticator to open the authorized apps makes a lot of sense intuitively. That was my first thought when I clicked on one of the authorized apps. I was actually surprised it didn’t open the app as I clicked away on the description of the app instead.


+1 !

It would be great if we could use both the test and mock routing browsers at the same time, maybe with a different theme so you don’t mix which is which.
When I try to create apps / websites, I find it a bit cumbersome to have to close the mock, open the test, login, upload to make a version live, then close again, etc etc

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One quick question, does the SAFE browser would also include the builtin protection like Adblock or AntiCrypto mining block, Safe URL checker, Anti Ransomware, etc… as well ?

Because in my Google Chrome I have to load all of those items one by one.

Your question is above my paygrade, sorry…