Saving file from browser onto safe

I was thinking about how cool it’d be to use on safe.
I could have my own tiddlywiki accessable everywhere under a domain name that is only known to me. I could password protect the wiki. I could just edit and save it from my browser on any OS onto my safe account. Unfortunately, that’s currently not possible because safe only supports static websites and no server-side handling.

Can you guys conceive of a way to make it possible anyways? I don’t want to download the file to my computer/phone, edit and then reupload the new version. I’d like to immediately edit it, know it’s stored safely and securely because I’m the only one who knows the link to it as well as the password.


Just writing about it cleared my mind up. I think this is basically done by SAFEPress. Is that correct? If so, then one only needs to get the right browser plugin. With firefox, that would then be already supported across all platforms. So could tiddlywiki be modified to work with the safe browser plugin to accomplish this?

You can save data via javascript (in your browser) directly to your safe net storage. You don’t need any server side scripts for that or indeed many other database activities.

I tried the example with a tiddlywiki and it doesn’t work.

You would need to use a wiki that was built to use safe net.

You can? How? This gets REAL interesting.

Technically you could communicate back and forth with the safe launcher from the browser and install an app from inside the browser, but that doesn’t seem wise. Were it to be deemed worthy to continue my proof of concept of a safe browser, I could expose all of the DNS/NFS/Messaging/etc calls via JavaScript API (of course requiring user to approve no different than when a browser requests your location or camera today). Otherwise, the approach Maidsafe has considered is a browser addon/extension that does this for you as well.

Edit: Actually, installing an app from the browser probably is not possible considering the web proxy is on a different port than the API (8101 vs 8100 respectively) so lack of CORS might block you. But it’s not a good approach anyways.

In short, you could create a website which saves changes to itself straight to the safe network via a javascript library.

This sort of dynamic site can be done without server side scripting, as the client itself can load/save data directly to safe net.

In theory, if it is your own site, you should already be authenticated by the launcher and making changes should be simple.

This is a shift in software design approach, but one which we have been moving closer to for some time in web development. Safe net will make this approach a natural one.


That is actually an awesome idea , I haven’t been using Tiddly for ages , almost forgotten , it has evolved ,
and the next logical step is to bring it to even greater life and functionality on the SAFE network , and with
other integrations unimagined … safecoin , once released , could be a total game changer for Tiddly ,

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If you want an idea if how web apps can work in SAFEnetwork search for “noBackend” and take a look around

The discussion above is about the ideas that inspired me to look into CouchApps and to start work on SAFEpress, first to develop a web app framework for use directly with the SAFE REST API, and then to use that to build a WordPress like CMS using them (SAFEpress).

The beauty of web apps is that they are easy to deploy / platform independent (they work on all operating systems and all devices pretty much). The beauty of noBackend is that there are a hell of a lot of web designers with the front end html and javascript skills to do this on to of SAFEnetwork. Once the frameworks are there, it will be very easy for developers, so these are the first step.

There is work to be done to make all this possible, but I’m sure it will happen, even if SAFEpress isn’t the project that does it - @eblanshey for example is already working in this kind of thing, and I’m sure @Seneca will have a few things to say about it :slight_smile: And those MaidSafe front-end guys will knock our socks off!

Now the MaidSafe demo and launcher have shown the way, a lot more people will be able to get started on this.

I hope someone will port tiddlywiki, and start working their way through the sample web apps that already exist (CouchApps and noBackend apps for example). I wish I had the time to do more on this but I just haven’t.

And if people want to get together and build frameworks, well let’s do it! :slight_smile: