SAFE Network StackExchange (what you can do today)

Hey all,

This project and community is not ready for a StackExchange (SE) site quite yet, however drawing from my experience with the Tezos StackExchange proposal it will really help to speedup the process if as many of us start working on their SE reputation now.

A successful proposal requires 200 people in total, 100 of which must have 200+ reputation on any SE site. So as long as you get 200 reputation you’re good to go.

I’m sure you’ll find a topic you can contribute to in the main list of SE sites as well as on this list of non-technical SE sites.

We tried it before, but obviously didn’t succeed.
Let’s be better prepared for our next attempt!


This is a recurring problem for any coin. I’ve seen the same for Burstcoin in the past.

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