SAFE Crossroads #45, Approaches to Alpha 3, with Nikita Baksalyar



Thanks, @nbaksalyar!!


One for the commute home tonight! :grinning:


Thanks for the NAT traversal explanation @nbaksalyar - I feel a whole lot more intelligent now. Good to hear the test is about to be relaunched. @Fergish - you mentioned (19:30) an earlier podcast ‘Connecting them all’ but I can’t see a link.


Very nice podcast. One of my favorites!


Oops! Fixed. Here it is:
SAFE Crossroads Podcast #22 SAFE School, Class V, Connecting All


I agree with @JPL was a very educational and might I add, inspirational interview! We are on the edge of something so new and transformative. Being an early adopter to such technology is a very exciting notion. I learned a lot this episode, thanks @fergish @nbaksalyar

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Thanks for yet another great episode. Really excited to hear that new episodes of this particular podcast will start to be released on a bi-weekly basis. Exactly what we need more of.


Yes, great interview @fergish and @nbaksalyar.


Great podcast as always! It feels like the finish line is genuinely starting to pull into sight! Keep up the great work!


I loved this pod cast. I loved the mist analogy, plus the key house vanishing, and reappearing, data analogy. Great job!


There’s actually an established term - not mist, but fog computing