SAFE Beaker Browser Updates (0.4.0)

super awesome idea, I know this was brought up at one point

would be a great feature


and on second thought, could Beaker browser transform http://website.safenet links to safe://website on the fly with whatever formatting is preferred for those links?.. that would then provide user specific safe:// without webmasters needing to do anything with the usual links.


yeh, edit2 should be totally possible. just not so high on the list yet :slight_smile:


Any idea why the video on my site doesn’t play in Beaker? It plays just fine in Firefox. It’s a simple html video player playing an MP4 file.

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Is it planned to let the browser recognize a safe:// as a link? As the normal links aren’t valid on the system we can’t use any hyperlink method at all at the moment.

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Whoa, awesome work here!

safe:// isn’t really needed, IMO. Just safe:url

Browser probably doesn’t have all the scripts in a bundle. That’s just my guess.

Not sure what that means? I think the video player is standard HTML so I would expect any browser to play the video, but perhaps I’m mistaken.

nice audio dude :slight_smile: makes me happy

video works with me
nice quality :slight_smile:
puppet show

all in SAFE beaker browser
on MacOs 10.9.5
Imac 27 - late 2013


Hi @joshuef, i’d like to detect if my safesite is running on the SAFE breaker to automatically switch to the correct Safe API implementation. What would be the best way to know that I’m running on it?

Hey, yep where possible I’d opt for safe: links to trigger the browser launching (if that’s what you’re asking?).

I should think the best way is to check for window.safeAuth existence method so far, go for feature detection over browser detection, IMO.


How was the name born? I have a hard time visualizing what a glass /bowl is trying to convey? Or is there some special meaning to beaker i have not found out about?

Also, was the original idea of a clearnet/safe toggle switch abandoned completely or just missing for now?

Right now, I’ve got the base goals in. I’m working this weekend on improving safe-js documentation and tests, and then I’ll be firing in with the toggle and sync stretch goals.

The name comes as it’s forked from the beaker browser.


I’d really like to see a full screen view option.

Here’s a streaming test setup: safe://stream.tenefas.safenet/
(It only works in the SAFE Beaker Browser, not over the proxy in Chrome, for some reason.)

It’s slightly worrying that SafeNet cannot handle streaming 6 Mbps most of the time. I moved my comment on that here: Will the speed of the network degrade once we go live?


Version 0.2.8 is out.

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I guess @joshuef will make a topic in this forum as well, but here’s the latest update from the Dev Forum:


There’s an updated release of the Safe Browser to 0.3.2.

This features a more robust ‘safemode’ toggle, including a navbar icon showing that you are on the safe network exclusively. This can be toggled by clicking the icon, or going into the File menu. This will reload all tabs upon toggle, blocking/enabling insecure (non safe) content.


Read more on the dev forum


For Linux users, this download is an AppImage file. You need to make it executable, and when first run it asks if you want it installed on the menu. Neat! Thanks @joshuef :slight_smile:

AppImages can be downloaded and run without installation or the need
for root rights. You can make the appImage executable as follows:

chmod a+x exampleName.AppImage

You can execute an appImage as follows:



Could you update the op aswell, please? I just downloaded an outdated version without realizing :slight_smile:


A new development update popped up on the dev forum:

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Yup, good point. I’ll update only to latest ‘stable’ release (just FYI), pre-releases I’ll only announce in the safedev as they’ll normally need some testing before ready for general use.

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