SAFE Beaker Browser Updates (0.4.0)

There’s an updated version (0.4.0) out now, which you can grab here:


  • Now history/favourites/sitedata and settings APIs from beaker all save to the safeNetwork (when the browser is authorised).
  • SafeStatus page on load shows whether you are authenticated on the network or displays common error issues.
  • Should authentication fail, or you not be logged into the launcher, there’s a ‘Reauthenticate’ button on the safe status page to enable reauth without rebooting the browser.
  • safe-js improvements for app development

More details on development and using some of these features can be found on the dev forum.


Woow, great news! Nice work @joshuef


Awesome! Mac/linux doesn’t redirect to the correct post :blush: Should be post 23 I guess.

EDIT: can be found here:


Cool, will try the Linux version when I get home! :slight_smile:

I was testing out some sites from this link. But we clearly need to make a new list as the url’s don’t work anymore. And that’s a good thing :yum:. But poor @davidpbrown safe://dir.yvette links don’t work anymore :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


good spot. updated and corrected to:

can you update your link as well, please @Melvin . just to avoid confusion.


safe://tests exists, and it should not show you any bananas. Although its not a very exciting page visually, it should also ask for AUTH if you’re logged in. Though it wont do anything else (you can see the script on the page…) its a simple mockup someone posted in the dev forum (cant remember who… sorry!) which i ended up using for some test purposes.


http://dir.yvette.safenet is still there on Alpha but not been refreshed… all the links there should still work, unless the owner has removed content.

I’ve not put Yvette to work on Test9 and expect Beaker is looking to that and not Alpha.


Yes, the sites still works. But the latest version of SAFE Beaker browser doesn’t pick the .safenet links or the http so when I browse to your site on alpha using the latest version I see the links but they won’t open. Which is okay for people using Alpha and their current browser of course.

:open_mouth: that is a surprise.

Prompts me to think about displaying safe:// links sometime later…

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My video isn’t playing in Beaker :cry:


It’s working in Firefox with the proxy :innocent:

Edit: browser works on Linux Mint 17.3 by the way :grin:

Edit 2: will it be possible to just type krekc and the browser will automatically put safe:// in front of it? Right now I’m not really used to type http:// in my browser either.


Just put a space after “here:” and the https link so that people can click it,

It’s not showing up as a blue clickable link in the OP just now

not a big deal at all tho, great update!!

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super awesome idea, I know this was brought up at one point

would be a great feature


and on second thought, could Beaker browser transform http://website.safenet links to safe://website on the fly with whatever formatting is preferred for those links?.. that would then provide user specific safe:// without webmasters needing to do anything with the usual links.


yeh, edit2 should be totally possible. just not so high on the list yet :slight_smile:


Any idea why the video on my site doesn’t play in Beaker? It plays just fine in Firefox. It’s a simple html video player playing an MP4 file.

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Is it planned to let the browser recognize a safe:// as a link? As the normal links aren’t valid on the system we can’t use any hyperlink method at all at the moment.

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Whoa, awesome work here!

safe:// isn’t really needed, IMO. Just safe:url

Browser probably doesn’t have all the scripts in a bundle. That’s just my guess.

Not sure what that means? I think the video player is standard HTML so I would expect any browser to play the video, but perhaps I’m mistaken.

nice audio dude :slight_smile: makes me happy

video works with me
nice quality :slight_smile:
puppet show

all in SAFE beaker browser
on MacOs 10.9.5
Imac 27 - late 2013