Running Safe Launcher without GUI?


Is it possible to run the safe launcher with out GUI? I would like to run it on a server for an app idea


I too would like to see this addressed. The launcher relies on human approval of apps, so running as a headless daemon may pose challenges. I think the best approach may be a config file that says which apps ok to register (though I have shown with code that it is trivial to impersonate an app). I would probably run ./safe_launcher --headless --auto-accept-all-apps and not create the config file myself (because on my server I trust the code/apps I’ve installed) but others might.


Yes a command line version running inside screen would be very useful.

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…and facilitate scripted account creation?

This is not on our immediate roadmap - it is something we can consider after the MVP. As it is certainly possible to achieve, but will most likely happen a bit further down the road.

But the mass creation of accounts, surely is not desirable?

There is no protection against that anyway right now - just look at most of the test cases in safe_core.They are all like bad bots creating random accounts :slight_smile: And this has nothing to do with launcher - the support must come from the network/vaults i would guess, some precursory step (like a few safe coins through invitation etc.) before you go on to store your session packet structured data - not sure though.


I didn’t think about that !

What if the CLI version cannot create accounts but only log in ? You’d have to manually create the account on a machine with a display.
But then ( wrting as I think ) someone will quickly fork the CLI and add the account creation feature…

I’ll check if I can make it work with X11 :slight_smile:

I thought David had addressed that a while ago, saying along the lines that any account created without paying coin would eventually disappear. This was in response to the mass creation problem