Resources for Facebook


Hello friends,

when I translate the weekly dev updates in Bulgarian I do covers for facebook (830х430) and I sharing them here if someone wants to use them:

  • for all the photos I have paid a license to use them. If someone needs it, can write to me a personal message and I will send it to you


Hello friends,

so more resources for Facebook :slight_smile: :

  • images are licensed and paid for. All image licenses are available upon request. :wink:


Instead of you paying for a license to use photos, maybe some members of the community could take some photos for you for free. I would be happy to try my hand at amateur photography. Are there any guidelines I need to follow when I take these kinds of promo photos? What kind of photos are you looking for?


@Secretariat415 this is a great idea! Pictures of all the beautiful things in your part of the world are perfect :slight_smile:

I use them for covers for the site articles:част-2-динамично-членство/


You can find free pictures at
Don’t need credit or attribution, 100% free use, plus there are amazing pictures


Thanks @Future! I have a selected collection for which I have paid. After I finish it I will take advantage of the site that you recommend :slight_smile:


No need for me to take photos I have lots of cool stuff in my camera already. I will send you some stuff.


Unsplash is also great for high quality royalty free photos.:+1: