Proof of Resource on the SAFE Network


Slick animation, and great intro to the concept of proof of resource & how it compares to blockchain’s proof of work.

These videos will definitely help people get a grip on what the Safe network is :slight_smile:


Hi @maidsafe I submitted translation of the video on Bulgarian :wink:

And in the description of the video there is a mistake: “Instead pioneering a Proof of Resource mechanism which checks if checks if Farmers”

Btw I’m one of those who donated to make the video - I am very pleased with how the money was spent!


I have updated that typo and accepted your translation! Glad you like it


I’m actually a little bit lost because of that video. It’s about consensus, but PARSEC isn’t mentioned. Instead it’s about nodes reaching consensus by proof-of-resource…
Am I missing somehting? How does PARSEC fits in this picture?

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PARSEC is a method to agree on (order of) things. IN POR the groups will note behavior, vote on that, PARSEC will allow an agreement to reward/penalise good/bad behavior.


I don’t think PARSEC needs to be mentioned. This video works perfectly to describe s complex consensus mechanism in simple Laymans terms. Anyone can understand this, without getting into the complex code that operates in the background, which is PARSEC. Great job MAIDSAFE!


Proof of Resource measures a Vault’s ability to retrieve or store chunks of data based on its CPU Speed, bandwidth availability, disk space and online time. It’s a way of ensuring that all Network nodes are up to scratch. Fail to reach that standard and that node is removed from the Network automatically.

This ability will be controlled permanently, not just at vault startup:


Now, it is clear that a full vault doesn’t meet these requirements and will be expelled from the network. I already expected this, because otherwise the network couldn’t ensure the minimum specified duplication factor (currently 8).