Project Decorum: Offer to buy PDC

Yes, my fault, sorry @Nigel MAidSafe won’t do that but we will work with @Seneca in any way to ensure that’s all smooth. It is independent of SNT and should be fine. An interesting issue though and we will require some collaboration I would imagine.


Hi iancoleman.oi, thanks for the link to the Mnemonic code generating tool. I managed to successfully generate my private key for my D’cent wallet and import Eth - D’cent account to my Meta Mask wallet. So hopefully I have managed to convert PDC tokens to ERC20 tokens.
Appreciate your help. Thanks.


Hi Seneca, I have successfully managed to generate my D’cent wallet private key, using the Mnemonic Code generating tool. I have also successfully managed to import my D’cent wallet Eth account to my Meta Mask wallet and send my data with my send transaction to the address you provided, fingers crossed? This will complete my PDC tokens conversion to ERC20 tokens, how long will they take to arrive at the Eth address I provided you? Also is there another process to to separate the ERC20 tokens from my Eth account on my D’cent wallet, such as setting up another account for the new ERC20 coins.
Thanks Again

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You are welcome, glad it worked for you.

Thats not me, I just provided the link.

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I’m glad to hear you resolved that issue! Just to clarify, you should now have the PDC in your Meta Mask wallet. The transaction with the data was a “claim” transaction.

Now if you want to sell those PDC, you should go into Meta Mask and do a regular PDC token transaction to the buy-back address:


Hi Seneca, Slight problem. After I did the transaction I closed the account that I had created on my Meta Mask wallet, as I was worried the security of that account. Can I just import my D’cent wallet private key again to create that account and claim the PDC ERC20 COINS. I am worried now, as I just thought the the new PDC ERC20 new tokens would turn up in my D’cent wallet.
Sorry for yet another problem, you have been very helpful and patient with me. Regards switch01.

Yes, that should work.

It looks like D’cent doesn’t support it: D'CENT Wallet supported coin list - list of cryptocurrencies supported

Thanks Seneca. When I receive USDC coins, will they also end up in my Meta Mask wallet and not the De’cent wallet
Regards switch01.

They’ll be in both I expect, because technically it’s the same wallet. D’cent does support USDC.

Hi Seneca, I have successfully imported my D’cent wallet private key to my Meta Mask wallet and re established the account I used to complete step 4 in the PDC tokens conversion to ERC20 tokens. The wallet showed that this transaction was successful and that the correct send address in step 4 was used. I have also been back through all the completed steps 1 - 4 in the conversion process, step 4 states that 161883 PDC has been already claimed. When I view the assets in my Meta Mask Ethereum account the PDC ERC20 token is not listed, I tried as suggested to refresh the account with no success. It also states that if you can’t see your coin to impot the asset with the token code, is it still PDC. It also states that the wallet is not connected to web 3, not sure how to do this. My Eth account address is
Trying to give you as much information a possible, hope that is OK.
Regards switch01.

I think it’s just a matter of adding PDC as a custom token to your wallet, using the PDC token contract address: 0x059d44EdD2c15Fd0050fEB8cC97b3E93e5837506

You can find detailed instructions here, if you need them (you can skip to step 4): How to Add a Custom Token to MetaMask - Followchain

Just a quick reminder that the offer is set to end tomorrow.