Project Decorum: Offer to buy PDC

Thanks Seneca for your reply. How long can I leave step 4 uncompleted as this may take me a couple of days to sort out . Thanks again.

Hi Sceneca, just to clarify. Do you mean that I could import my 24 word seed from my D’cent wallet to my
Meta mask wallet. Then do the Eth transaction with the contract data through Meta Mask.
Thanks Seneca.

There’s no time limit there, and the PDC buying offer is still valid for over a month.

That should work, yes. Just be aware that if you use MetaMask without a hardware wallet there may be a security risk if your system is infected with malware.

Can you point me to where I can learn about the btc/omni to eth/erc20 bridge?

Look here:

Privacy. Security. Freedom

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Have tried t connect my D’cent wallet to meta mask. And have been unable to import with my D’cent wallets seed phrase. Is it possible to start the PDC burning process again even though I am at stage 4.
Thanks, sorry to be a bother.

What was the problem? Did you get some sort of error message?

No, sadly it isn’t.

Sorry Seneca, accidentally sent that last message to early. Thanks Seneca for your help as I am a wee bit out of my depth here, but I enjoy a challenge. When tried link my D’cent wallet to Meta MASK with my seed phase they seem to want my secret key address, not the 24 word phrase. I have emailed the D’cent wallet support team and asked them for a way to get my secret key address. I always thought the 24 word phase was my secret key. I do also have a Nano Ledger S that also has an Eth address,
I wish I had started the PDC conversion to ERC20 token with my Nano Ledger S, but it looks like I will have to work some thing out wit the D’cent wallet.
Thanks again.

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@mav do you know how to take a keyword seed and generate the keys from it for @switch01?

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Are you thinking about this @happybeing?

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Worth a try, but mav may be able to say for sure.

Sorry I don’t know the specifics of how to use the mnemonic to get the key you need. There’s a lot of variables at play. I have no familiarity at all with the ethereum/metamask/erc20 ecosystem.


Open metamask enter your password click the three dots to the right of your account and select account details choose export private key and enter your password.
Maybe that is the key you are searching for.

Hi Happy being, it looks as if I can connect my D’cent wallet app to uniswap or binance smart chain networks on my phone.
Also can connect to Ethereum network. I have the uniswap and binance smart chain apps on my phone.
Just want fees back to confirm that I can supply contract data with these net works.
Thank for your help so far.

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Sorry Happy, meant to say feed back.

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Will you still be honoring Omni PDC at launch?


Yes, we will be.


I didn’t realize that converting Omni PDC at launch fell on Maidsafe but happy to hear that, thanks David.

I had just realized I have some Omni PDC locked away, as well as some Omni MAID and I am a committed HODLer for both SN and PDC. Honoring the Omni tokens is much appreciated.


Were you talking of Omni MAID or of Omni PDC?

@Seneca Said early on that Omni.PDC will be honoured

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I think there’s a crossed-thread here w/ the e-MAID stuff going on. Omni PDC is not maidsafe’s purview as far as I’m aware.

Though I do believe:

is correct.