Noobie questions about earning safecoin

I have read a lot here, but there are still no clear answers on how to earn enough safecoins to actually use the network (puts).

This is what I have learned so far, please correct me if I am wrong.

To earn safecoin you have to run vault. But if your network is not quite good enough (not sure what the criteria is), then your vault will be kicked off. Thus no chance of earning safecoins, and no way to purchase puts unless you buy them with real money. Which negates the idea of a net that can be used by anyone.

If you are allowed by the safe net to run a vault, then there are only a slight chance that you will be awarded a safecoin when someone gets data from your vault. Which makes it even harder to get safecoin, unless you buy it with real money.

And I have seen that in order to even use the network you have create a ID, which you have to use safecoins to create.

So my questions are.
If say my network is not good enough to run a vault, then how can I earn safecoins?
Is the only other way to get safecoins, to buy them with real money?
How can this network be considered free if I have to buy safecoins with real money?
How can you take part in the network when you have to have safecoins to even create a ID?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am interested in the concept. But these are my concerns about this network, and I hope I have misunderstood.

English is my second language, so please ask for clarification if the questions are not clear.


Okay a few simple answers with my limited knowledge. Anyone who knows more is free to correct me.

It is not free. You pay for your use of the network by contributing resources to the network or you can buy safecoin with cash money but the network is not free. The software is free to download and use and the fact you can mine safecoin makes it effectively free to use but the network still requires resources in order to function. These resources need to come from somewhere. And since the network requires a net gain in resources that means vaults contributing to the network also must provide more resources than they use in order to earn safecoin. They also must not lag up the network itself and so there is a minimum latency threshold for joining the network. At the moment the SAFE network is piggy backing off the established internet inferstructure but it is hoped one day it could run independently. So think about contributing resources to the network or buying safecoin the same way you would about paying an ISP. When you pay an ISP you are paying for hardware and inferstructure that allows for a internet network to exist. When you contribute computer resources or buy safecoin you are paying for resources that the SAFE network needs to exist.

Let’s say you can’t run a vault. (Which is unlikely considering how easy it is to run a vault. But let’s just play with this idea.) And while we’re at this let’s run with you’re other question.

Yes! Assume you have some cryptocurrency. You could trade that. If not assume you have some skill or other material or digital good you could trade, you could then barter that for safecoin. Safecoin is a currency just like bitcoin and one will be able to trade bitcoin for safecoin, or any other cryptocurrency for safecoin for that matter. So the real question is what do you have to trade in order to earn safecoin if not computer resources?

Last I checked you don’t. But if you do there will probably be safecoin faucets available just like there are bitcoin faucets now that will allow you to collect a minor amount of safecoin to create an account. Also you don’t require any safecoin to browse the SAFE network because browsing only requires GETs. You only require safecoin for PUTs and to upload something.

If you have a cell phone you probably will be able to run a vault.


You are only kicked off when you have a very slow internet connection like 80KB/sec upload speed or something. If you have a normal broadband connection you probably can make some Safecoin.

No, not really. If you delivered a chunks from your Vaults big chance you do make some Safecoin.

A lot of options here. Browsing the network is free, even without an account. But if you have a normal internet connection you could Farm some coin to make an account. You could also write a nice blog/article somewhere and get tipped if people like your story. So several options.

Creating an account and uploading a websites and having your own domain on SAFE is probably way cheaper than the same stuff on the normal internet. So with SAFE we go forward in security, privacy, freedom but also the price you need to pay to publish something.


I am just going to respond to your entire post down here. The quote function on this site is really confusing. <---- This is the site for safenet, there are zero mention that this network will cost money to use.

You can not connect to safenet without a ISP, either landline wifi or mobildata. In the same way that you can connect to regular internet (clearnet as some call it) without ISP.
Internet itself is free to use, even though you can be bomarded with ads many places. You do not pay for internet, only access to internet with a ISP.
I am trying to find information about what the requirements are, but can’ find anything except for rumors.

I am not talking about how easy it is to use, but if my ISP line is not good enough to run a vault on.

I have plenty of computer resources, only trouble is will my ISP connection be good enough to run a vault.

I have read a lot here, can’t remember which topic it was in, but a maidsafe representative said that they would charge safecoin to create an ID.

You even need safecoin to write a post on a forum on safenet, since it will be regarded as puts.

At the moment this is true but at some point it is hoped mesh networking will be made available.

You don’t need an ID to browse SAFEnetwork, so in this respect it is as free as the internet.

The need to charge for an ID is to prevent someone trying to damage the network - ie having to pay at least a little when you create one ID means that it is costly to create millions without good reason.

The same for running vaults - if your bandwidth is too low, running a vault makes the network less stable, so if the network allowed anyone and everyone to connect it wouldn’t work!

We’ve tried to find other ways around these restrictions because the aim is to make the network accessible to as many people as possible, and will continue to do so. Even after launch, things can improve if solutions can be created.

For the moment though, storing anything is going to cost Safecoin (including an ID), although probably much cheaper than elsewhere. So another approach is to find more ways people can earn Safecoin, or maybe to give them away and so on.

There are lots of ways to make the network accessible, but it isn’t launched yet so anyone can try it out without paying anything - although their data and websites will be erased at some point.


Does posting something on a website cost PUTs even when the information is stored on the website’s database? Or is the idea that you have access to the information you post on websites so you can remove it and can reduce spam.

If it requires a “PUT” then it will cost one PUT from your PUT balance.

One coin is spent and this is converted into a PUT balance in your account. Each PUT reduces that balance by the current cost of a PUT.

For MD data you can delete it.
For immutable chunks (files etc) you cannot delete at this time.

So if you post an immutable chunk publicly, then you can never delete it? Or at least set it to private so it no longer displays on the website you posted? I’m thinking if in the case that you posted something on a social media platform that you later regretted and want it removed

That will be up to the APP and how it stores your info.

If in MD data then it can be directly deleted.

If as immutable data then it can be effectively deleted by removing links to the data. This requires some data as MD data like links. But the actual chunk will remain

There is a RFC for deletable immutable data. But it will still be up to the APP developer as to if you can delete something you post

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Actualy there is.

You will be able to trade safecoin for other cryptocurrencies. Therefore you can buy safecoin using other cryptocurrencies.

No you don’t nded to pay out money to use the network. The idea is that you pay in computer resources but you can buy safecoin using other cryptocurrencies.