New Here have some questions

I have heard of Maidsafe a while back but never looked into it. This all looks very interesting and awesome. How much safe coin would I make hosting a 1TB drive? Is that even a possibility yet or is that still in alpha?

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No, not yet, and none can predict how much SafeCoin you’d make, it depends on supply and demand.


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You could supply 1TB or maybe even 10TB. But you only get paid when data is in your vaults AND requested from your Vault. So you offer 1TB and it might get filled up to say 500GB after 2 days but only when one of these chunks is requested you might farm some Safecoin.


@polpolrene Although won’t being a very reliable node over time get you archive node status and I believe that is to be paid well. I know there isn’t much on that subject yet but from what I’ve read I think that is to be the case as of now