Most wanted APP for the SAFE Network

Access to this data ought to be paid for too. There are too many cases, especially here in Africa, where the pharmtech companies connive to steal/take away medicinal knowledge, then patent it and resale it back to Africans.

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Wow…I was going to ask what happened following the 6 mth trial, as I thought it would be an obvious choice. Local Govt, Councils etc would be good too. Excellent news.

I’ll try to keep it short as we’re going off-topic, but we can discuss further if you want to start another topic? Anyway, basically I said:

From Wikipedia:

Anecdotal evidence is considered dubious support of a claim; it is accepted only in lieu of more solid evidence. This is true regardless of the veracity of individual claims.[3][4][5]
The term is often used in contrast to scientific evidence, such as evidence-based medicine, which are types of formal accounts.
Misuse of anecdotal evidence is an informal fallacy

Just to be provocative…
Q: What do you call Alternative medicine that has been proven to work?
A: Medicine!

Yes @Al_Kafir @Blindsite2k please move this discussion - this topic can be a nice list of wants if we keep it clean of spin-off discussions, tempting though they are! :slight_smile:

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That’s what I just suggested…lol. I’m being a good boy…back on topic, I would like an app that alerts you as to when you are breaking non-existent forum guidelines…lol
I’ve spoken to David and he is looking at displaying some soon. In the meantime I’m going by Discourse rules.

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A site like open source ecology where people share designs and/or 3D printable files to build there own self sufficient and sustainable communities on a budget.

Also I thought maybe a safe library of all great works written throughout history. That would prolly be a real task to fill though although the tor library has an amazing quantity of work, that’s where the idea comes from


Also maybe some kind of big data app for research. I don’t have a problem with data when it’s anonymous. Kind of along the lines of what @kebwesi is talking about

Integrate the new AI that the Viv company is working on? Supposed to be able to query almost any command and info.

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I have a feeling that it’s sometimes hard to tell which of these ideas/apps require SAFEnet support and which don’t.
Suppose someone wants a video streaming app that stores data on SAFEnet.

If SAFEnet has a filesystem interface, then you can use any app to do that it seems there’s no need to build anything new (unless you want to stream in a decentralized manner, fetching data from different chunk replicas copies using a SAFEnet client, but even then I am not sure if you’d want a “video streaming app” or just a browser plugin/extension to which any app (video, web, big data, whatever) would pass requests).

wow…that would be amazing…worrying about how far Google and Facebook are progressed in this area and the fact they snap up any new AI start-up - the consequences could be horrendous.

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Yeah do no evil my ass. And Facebook is shameless so it’d be nice to have the SAFE option :slight_smile: and I like the file system idea @janitor but wouldn’t that mean we would just be fetching data from a regular server? Correct me if I’m wrong please. So I assume we want to port data over so it’s redundant and safe. If that’s the case it’d be sad to see a bunch of servers go to waste in the long run and obviously there is going to be a long transition anyways I just figure if my statement is correct why not facilitate the change in the first place?

@Nigel Good point - ( think SAFE is the ideal platform for something on this scale because it provides all the necessary computing elements - I don’t think @dirvine refers to it as a “computer brain” for nothing. I suspect he has a few ideas, at least, for projects of this type, and so will many others. All good for SAFE.

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As you know, I’m not technical but the idea of Google or Facebook running it’s super brain thingy on Safe sounds a bit alarming. Couldn’t it figure out how the network works and “know everything”…or is that a really really daft question. Have I been watching too much Star Trek?

  • Github style code repository hosting and collaboration would be nice in order to make the project less dependent on the old Internet.
  • Also Openbazaar type marketplace would be nice.

Yes, it wouldn’t be a “native” MaidSafe app, but I thought to mention that because

  1. I thought when submitting proposals folks should think whether something is doable using existing apps or not.
    Of course anyone is free and encouraged to mention whatever they want, it’s just a wish list/brainstorming anyway.
  2. There are many cases where having native apps isn’t essential. For example, I could serve videos the way I described (using Apache + NFS). Viewers would still access this service the traditional way, but would it matter? Sometimes it wouldn’t.
  3. There are many cases where the KISS principle will shine despite using the centralized approach. For example I could have a Web server serving data off NFS (serving data off a SAFEnet vault) using Tor or OpenVPN. While my service would be centralized and so on, it may serve my purpose well and it’d still be secure enough for the average user while not requiring any development effort.

In other words, when the requirements seem unlikely to justify the development cost, there may be reasonably safe/cheap/secure/anonymous off-the-shelf alternatives.

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I agree I’m just a turd I think. I like the idea of having the content so IF something happened to said central server it’s like hey look over here we have that and it’s done right. But to further your point I’m not a dev so easier said than done :slight_smile:

How about an app that let’s novices launch sites? Have like preset code for like chat roulette, buttons, hamburger menus etc. retail options with carts and multisig escrow. sorry if I’m blowing this thread up


@dllasoff responding to post 11 network99 I have had this same idea! There is open source code for a chat roulette style interface is for sale | HugeDomains
With LIVE jamming between musicians
Open source code for matching sound
David I have a lot of ideas for layout and functionality hashed out I’m just not a dev so if I could be a part of this in any capacity I would love to be. PM me if you’d like to dig deeper!


Thanks for sharing, it’ll be interesting to see how you develop this. One of the really interesting things in health care is not just the security of the data, it is also the ability to put the patient in control of their own medial records and this is a specific aim within the NHS Trusts in Scotland right now. So maybe in the future, we will see patients visiting their local surgery, sharing their records with their GP, but they would only share their records with their GP, not with NHS administrators and only and for a limited time period.

Should the patient be incapable of granting access to their records, they would be able to use the secret (N + P key) sharing feature built into SAFE, where two (or more) appointed individuals/organisations (GP, next of kin, ER Doctor, Government body) could open the patients records and securely gain access to their information enabling effective treatment.

We will share as much as we are able to moving forward and hopefully the NHS will grasp onto the SAFE network with 2 hands in the same way that you guys all have.


A decentralised exchange
But one that functions like mails SMTP does and connects all the coins. If I have Safecoins and send you coins while you got a Bitcoin client. I just choose your coin (this is necessary because some coins have the same addresses) and type in your Bitcoin address. The exchange calculates the Safecoin amount into Bitcoins and sends you Bitcoins. The question where the exchange would get the Bitcoins from? It’s simple, the exchange would have a multisig coin pool for each coin to which you can send coins. In exchange you would get a small % if you send your coin to the pool for a specified time. The exchange ofcourse would also sell coins, there where it gets the money from to pay you your %. ALL THIS WOULD BE MATH, no human intervention. It would be nice if a system like was just builtin for fiat blablabla.

To take pump & dumps into consideration the exchange would also access a coin. Checking community, developers and other factors to make a sound judgement.

Messaging app
Something like, but with some super natural powers. So that you can add it to your site like It would also be nice if you could have your own exclusive groupchat, only people you invited can come in. Even nicer if you can add an Safecoin price (per minute/hour/session/subscription based scheme) this is great for companies & sex industry (heee that is also a company I think, good company). Recording/Sending files would also be FUN, video is even more FUN.

Decentralized Websites with maybe a little bit intelligence

  • Website hosting should just be drag and drop and the enviroment that you put your site in/on should be smart enough to understand that it needs to activate MYSQL for instance.
  • It would be nice to have a hosting solution that automatically heals (bugs). So actually auto-update when opensource software is updated and checked if there are no BACKDOORS. Whoever is doing this check gets a small fee from the users automatically
  • The problem with the current internet is that you have 1 stupid webhost, what if you have multiple folders displaying your site on the same URL or URI (whatever you want). Even better if your site lives on the diskspace of all your users.

Something like, but different. Your link would also have your Safecoin address in it. So the product price and your receive address is allready prepopulated.


While I sympathize with the stealing and patanting (I don’t support and outright hate Bigpharma) I have to disagree with you on paying for access to information. Knowledge should be free and accessable to all.