Meetup Malmö - Sweden, November 21, 5.30 PM - 8 PM

With a relatively short notice (~2 weeks) I’ve scheduled the first SAFENetwork Meetup in Malmö, Sweden.

I’m doing this as a community member, it’s something I have been planning before I started working for MaidSafe.

We’ll have to see how the turn out is, because currently none has RVSP:d. But I guess it’s not entirely a waste even if there’s no people, because it’s video recorded so I could go there to just get a recorded presentation :joy:

Anyway, there’s going to be free food and drinks (alcohol as well) and I’ll be doing an attempt at a meaningful introduction for both devs and non-devs.

The meetup is primarily directed towards new app-devs, but there’s been a lot of different kind of people signing up, requesting general info as well, so I will try to give them something this first meet at least.

If you plan to attend, you can signup here:


Now you have the first participant :slight_smile:


Haha great Mijo :smile: it would seem we’ll meet before I do Stockholm then.

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