MaidSafeCoin (MAID) to be Listed on P2PB2B!

Good, I’m glad for you! Do you have any estimate how many of you lucky ones there are?

I think I’m watching different movie.

Too many to sustainably push the price beyond recent ATHs themselves. Consistently higher prices will require the release of the test net and the arrival of new investors to MAID. Arguably, these newcomers will also include Americans that heretofore would have been excluded from purchasing coins were it not for p2pb2b, thus expanding the overall demand for MAID. I will resume purchasing MAID on dips and resist buying at ATHs.

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Decent volume for day 1, tbh. Looks to be about half of bittrex currently.


That’s great news, I was a bit worried about all that work. As I said pheewww!


Has anyone had a bitcoin or ether transfer that just stays pending on the new exchange? Normally when I get confirmation of a withdrawal from my main exchange where I purchase bitcoin and ether, the transaction is avaliable immediately elsewhere.

I’ve made four separate deposits and all were available immediately after receiving the third confirmation. I was watching the transactions on my own (outside the exchanges’ reporting) and had no issues with P2PB2B’s response time in making funds available.


It confirmed like 3 seconds ago. Apparently I was just trigger happy. Thanks

Respectable volume for day one. I’m enjoying the new exchange… Lots of opportunity. :slight_smile:

Great work on putting this together. Well played. TY


It took something like 3 confirmations for the transaction to appear on p2pb2b even though it was showing up on the sending site and the blockchain explorer. Other than that slight delay, the transfer went flawlessly.

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Yeah I went and checked and it wasn’t a 3rd yet and then it cleared a few seconds later afte the third confirmation

Arbitrage opportunity p2pb2b 2150 Bittrex 1854



EDIT: I promise to buy new kybd where cAPLSlOCK works properly before I ge my Lambo

I’m surprised there is so much more action on USDT than BTC. Do people here prefer to deal with USDT over BTC?

Also, CMC has yet to pick up the P2PB2B volume, which has actually outstripped Bittrex by nearly 2x, and could help normalize the price between the exchanges.

I’d only been looking at maid/btc, so it is great to hear the other pairing is doing even better.

Edit: Just looking now and 130k maid/usdt too. Nice!

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Does USDT have lower transfer fees? Tbh, I’ve not used it before.

I almost feel sorry for those who sold big stashes of MAID over the last few days.


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It’s a damned site cheaper to use usdt if you buy btc on binance or similar then want to transfer to another exchange.


P2PB2B Maid wallet is in maintenance. Not sure how long it has been that way.

About 16 hours now, they found a small issues and are currently working on a fix.


Is that why the volume has dropped way off there?