MaidSafeCoin (MAID & eMAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

Impermanent loss exists, yes.

But it’s wise to risk part of your portfolio to help the pie grow, even though you’ll end up with a smaller share of the pie.

Those people who believe that we have enough people in Safe to succeed may be right, but I say why take the risk? Let’s do our best to get more people into the game, why allow vampires to feed on a little mouse, when we can create a whale, with tools like AMM proven in time?

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ill definitely consider allocating some of my pie if it will help our pie grow :wink:
is there any more news on the Erc-20 maid solution as I thought an announcement was immanent?


Well, you know that @Sotros25 is working on this, so it is in good hands even if it takes another 6 months :sotros25:

Privacy. Security. Freedom


While I hope a full announcement will be made before the year is out, I’ll say as much as this—we’re currently in testing.

Thanks for the vote of confidence! While the last mile is always tough, we are much closer than 6 months away.


Music to our ears :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


4 fer a parnd!
4 fer a parnd!


If it gets to 5 for a pound I’m returning the wife’s Christmas present to buy more maid lol


Haha. Always the way. Finally got someone to buy in.

Price drops.


Every time I get some one to buy in the same thing happens!!


picked up some more cheap MAID. Haven’t even looked at progress in a while. I imagine its like pretty much the same work in progress status. I imagine the same zealots are curcifing anyone who questions how long this is gonna take to ROI :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll just show myself the door and check back again in a year or so lol.


Still on the monthly buy folks. And I do appreciate getting value for it. The most asymmetric bet on the market right now, as I have been banging on about for years.


I admire your discipline. I wish there was an auto DCA service, but I’m gonna set a manual monthly buy as a goal for next year.

I agree with this as well. The development has increased hugely but the price hasn’t moved upwards with that, so it seems like the definition of an asymmetric bet.


There are a lot of things to speculate in the crypto world and make money. Some of the people you call zealots, also speculate with other things. What I think you are missing is that some of us understand the importance of the technology that is being developed here. It is nice to get rich but it is even better to fight for something bigger than myself… :freedom:

Privacy. Security. Freedom


I think uni would bring liquidity, as some would want to gain fees from being a provider.
If anyone extra trades, buys, sells remains to be seen.

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Buy Omni MAID at Bittrex, convert to ERC20 and sell on UniSwap to buy/convert more Omni MAID. :slight_smile:

It will be attractive to arbitrage it for sure.


Bridge I guess.

A lot of people are going to be very happy during the next two years, with a lot of comfort coming just from the new year around the corner and a little beyond. Now is the time to buy and hold, whether it’s MAID or something else. This holiday dip will be seen as the last best time to get in.


Yeah, heard that one before… :sunglasses:


I got a very weird coinmarketcap bug… I think it explains itself.