MaidSafeCoin (MAID & eMAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 2)

Just please don’t use proprietary formats like .pdf, if you can avoid it.

Apologies Audity, I worded my question poorly. WHEN the time comes for converting tokens, what is the mechanical, step-by-step process of the transaction? OR has the process even been developed yet? Have heard so much talk about coin-to-token conversions like it’s a standard crypto process and they do it [or it happens] all the time. For example,

  1. Disclose my coin holding to MaidSafe.
  2. Go through coin-holding account verification by MaidSafe.
  3. Share wallet key with MaidSafe
  4. Transfer MaidSafeCoins to MaidSafe
  5. Wait for MaidSafe to transfer new SafeCoin Tokens into my wallet.

How is the coin converted to a token?

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Every time I think there will be no more chances to get cheep maid we get one more dip to pick up another bargain!!

Maybe I’m being ever optimistic but a successful test net may give us an opertunity to decouple from bit coin and go on our own way price wise.


That’s only for @Sascha - the rest of us will be delighted to scratch around and take advantage if possible of inexpensive MAID. - No me, been ordered to keep all my dosh for the winter festivities…


Well I blew some of the Christmas budget on more maid at these fantastic prices.

Now just woundering if the wife would be happy with one earing this christmas and the second one next christmas?


Nearly 4 for a pound now looks like I might have to cancel Christmas altogether this year :joy:


if it gets to 4 for a pound I might have to cancel new year as well!!!

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There I was thinking I snagged a Black Friday Promo, should’ve known they always inflate the non-discounted price :joy:

I cancelled Xmas once I learnt it was just Saturnalia rebranded to get the pagans onboard, Saturnalia was a horrible celebration , mocking ppl and then slaughtering them.

But I have no children, and currently no woman to please, or else I’m sure I’d give in.


Could he a number one in the making “I’m dreaming of a white Saturnalia”


Bugger yer effette southern Saturnalia, I’m having a Cool Celtic Yule.

With mead and quaffing (which is like glugging but less gets spilt), story-telling and the Enlightenment of Virgins. Also Budvar.

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Man the current Internet is great. Why would I want to have control of my own future? Just be a statistic. Better not buy MAID so that I can be a slave and offer my body mind soul spirit and essence to partake in a global market of fake bank money and infinite government regulation, double speak, and be a part of the feeling of virtual wholesomeness that comes from feeling almost the exact same good way that I should about my own real opinions and otherwise being in control of my future but instead shifting it to go along with the herd that’s all under said banks and government and utterly betray everything about myself without caring too much… maybe.

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Someone on telegram offered me 2,5$ for a maidsafe coin. :thinking:

I refused

£194,927 24 hour volume on coingeko don’t think iv ever seen the volume go this low !!

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But why are you watching this at all? Try to sell $ 20k MAID and see how you bring down the price … There is no liquidity for MAID now and it will be like that until the ERC20 token is released, then different people like me will pair our favorite token with other things we hold on UniSwap / PulseSwap …

Privacy. Security. Freedom

I want to ask, you can trade Maidsafe with BTC or ETH or Usdt now.

But how Erc-20 Maidsafe can get more liquidity from market?

Can you provide your opinion logically please?


Yes, read how AMM work:

Automated market makers incentivize users to become liquidity providers in exchange for a share of transaction fees and free tokens.

Privacy. Security. Freedom


I dont mean the basic logic of AMM.

How Erc20-20 Maidsafe get a “More Liquidity” from Market? The people who will deposit money at AMM, can buy and sell Maidsafe NOW.

So, How could AMM get MORE Liquidity from market? Only ERC-20 Uniswap pair?

Then why there are many many coins with low liquidity at Uniswap, sushi swap and pancake swap?

My point is that liquidity is from “supply and demand”. And ERC-20 is “tool” for easy trade. It is not same layer. We can get only a little demand from Erc-20 swap. We need a general and powerful solution to make huge demand and that is stable testnet and launching.

And I dont mean Erc-20 Maidsafe is useless. But our top priority is making a huge demand. And for this, we let team only only focus on coding at this time.

I know you are an endless power supporter of Maidsafe @Dimitar. So let’s wait some more. :slight_smile:


I read about it and was thinking this sounds like I can eat my cake and have it but how do I provide maid for liquidity and not lose my maid when people buy it?

Low volume, lower price.

I just walked someone through buying crypto for the first time. They wanted bitcoin, but the lowish MAID price and me banging on about it for years convinced them to buy MAID too.

Perfect time to ask anyone you know that’s always said “maybe ill buy later”.