Maidsafe on the Ubuntu Phone?

The first phone to run Ubuntu just came out; this is an entirely new ecosystem, and I think that there is a lot of opportunity for Maidsafe and Ubuntu to set an example for a desktop/phone experience. I know Maidsafe is planned to be launched initially launched on PCs (Windows/Mac/Linux), and then to be ported over to Android, but are there any plans on how Maidsafe is going to be ported onto the Ubuntu phone? Also, what is going to be required to port Maidsafe over to the Ubuntu phone?


I ran it on my phone a few months back, builds and runs all components and passes all tests so nothing to stop this happening.


I was about to ask the same question/make the same suggestion since I plan to buy a ubuntu phone tomorrow.

Since both ubuntu phone and maidsafe bring something new and desperately needed to the table, basically at the same time, I think it would be great to make the experience on the ubuntu phone a great one, maybe even the best experience. This way both plattforms could benefit and push each other.


means will work with a Blackphone then, too?