MaidSafe Interactive Timeline Website

The MaidSafe Timeline website has gotten pretty big! Github is amazing :slight_smile:
(shortcut permanent link: (

Lots of people have jumped in to help it along (it is a side project for me) so I thought it deserved a dedicated thread of its own.

It has had great help from @mav and now from @iancoleman in the form of amazing pull requests that gave great improvements. Everyone is welcome to download the code from Github and change / update it along too, as it evolves into the number 1 resource for viewing all of MaidSafe’s history in a very readable, easily collapsible format!

I’ll keep this OP updated with where we’re at and what we need.



just cleaned up some of the code / file structures and updated it to show the correct images instead of the stock photos. New pics etc viewable on the site

Also @Jabba I just added in your info. Great stuff! All help in this site is very welcome!

The new intro should be visible now