Maid Safe coins not credited to POLONIEX account from 09 November 2017

Hello guys,

I met serious problem with Poloniex. On 09 November 2017 I sent my safe coins from Omniwallet to Poloniex. They are still not credited to my account. Poloniex support team do not answer. Just some guy Michael got in touch with me, said that he “will ask the engineers if they can refund” and then disappeared…

Please somebody let me know what to do, how to proceed, something …


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Since you called them safe coins, I need to ask

Are you sure they were Maidsafecoins (Omni asset #3). I ask because there are some fake coins out there.


REAL omni asset

FAKE ------ FAKE ---------- FAKE ----------------- FAKE -----------------------------



Look at your transaction ID; was the transaction confirmed? Really nothing anyone can do other than Poloniex if it is confirmed.


Thanks for the input.
Yes they are Maid Safe coins. The transaction is confirmed by Omniwallet. The problem is with Poloniex. I need to find some way to contact them directly, not through their support center.


Their support is the only way now that I know of, sorry.

Also check that the address you sent the coins to was the MAID address for your account. They are not quick if you send MAID to a non MAID address for your account.


It was the MAID address… I have to wait them …

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Good luck mate. FWIW, I have had issues with Polo before, it took a while to resolve, but they came through each and every time.

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Thanks. Hope they will refund.

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