Jelly Swap let's request OMNI/MAID to ETH/BTC

Jelly Swap started theirs MainNet an hour ago and the cross-chain swap ETH <> BTC works perfectly! So my idea is to request from them to add OMNI/MAID <> ETH <> BTC!

Let’s send an email to, but to show that there is real interest, let’s run a poll first:

Do you want OMNI/MAID <> ETH <> BTC cross-chain swaps?

  • Yes
  • No

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What is it?

Who are you swapping with?


It’s very magical - cross-chain atomic swaps without third-party and without giving your keys, I tested it with my Trezor. It is kind of DEX…

Jelly suppliers provide liquidity to the
protocol by contributing a diverse range of coins. Makers are comprised of a wide range of parties, from project teams looking to list their tokens, to professional market makers with customized trading strategies, VCs and institutional traders and even developers looking to build new jelly liquidity


It works like the swaps you can do between any ERC-20 token and say BTC through MEW. It’s a convenient way to convert between crypto currencies and tokens without having to move assets to an exchange.