Is the title of what we hope to do farming

I have lurked here for years. I have lurked because I support what is being done but I have nothing to add but my support. Proud to say I took part in the first open network test from which my main memory is marbles rolling down a gully from a comrades site. My immediate point of concern is the term farming. I appreciate that it is in many ways preferable to mining but farming concerns me almost as much as we are all being farmed. Perhaps the community could come with something better or it may be of no importance.


Why is it bad? Farmers are really cool people give us food to eat

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Farmers are cool. My point is that being farmed is not so cool. Can we not find a more positive way to describe what this is.

You are not getting farmed, you farm the network gets that reside in your hard drive, so you farm not yourself but safecoin from the network

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I know people are not getting farmed by safe. Just saying that farming has negative connotations.

No negative for me can you elaborate?

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Being farmed has negative connotations I am sure you can work that out for yourself. I say again I am onboard and can’t wait for the project to come to fruition. This for me is the single most exciting project since forever and will be the cause of huge changes in society. Just saying that language is important. If people do not agree so be it, i am nothing, just having a quick say before moving on.

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Please man, don’t lock up, tell us why you think farming is bad so we can understand you and find a solution

Edit: OK I did some research on the “we are farmed”

When you are farmed by vpns they get data like where do you visit and many data about your interactions and they sell that for profit but has also privacy issues.

So I agree now that farming is a bad word but in our case what I already said, we are not getting farmed, we are farming the network… Can it be said in other words I don’t know. Anyone has any ideas as to how can we rename it?

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I got an idea!!! What do you think about renting out? Renting out some storage and earning safecoin for providing that asset which is also accessible online!

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No one is saying this other than yourself.

It is the data chunks that are being farmed from the vaults. That is the data chunks are being retrieved from the vaults.

That is not good since there is no renting. The data is perpetual and so any suggestion of renting is just wrong and people will think that is how there data is being stored, just as another dropbox you pay each month for.


renting out storage!!! I am talking about the vault people deploy, they are renting out storage and earning safecoin!!! what do you think @neo ?

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As I implied as soon as you mention rent it destroys in people’s mind the perpetual nature of the data.

Its a perception issue and one that requires a continual answering of what is meant, “Is it rented data or perpetual?” As new people arrive you have to spend time explaining things and since rented data is all we have today there is a lot of explaining to do.

It will be hard enough explaining perpetual data without adding in the complication of trying to explain its perpetual but the network rents vaults.

And the network is not renting the vault either, it is paying for work done when retrieving a chunk. There is not renting of the vault since that implies the vault is paid a set amount for the amount of data stored, whereas the vault is paid for the chunks retrieved without regard to its size.


I disagree, I believe if you rent out some storage in the way of earning by the GETs is what it is and I think @ian would tell us if it eases his thought!

You must have some misunderstanding somewhere to be able to say this.


  • if you retrieve nothing then you are paid nothing.
    • rent requires you to be paid on a regular basis for your vault. Basic definition.
      • house rent - does not matter if the person lives there or only uses 1/2 the house they still pay regularly for the whole house
      • shop rent - the same
      • equipment rental - pay for the rent regularly per period. Does not matter if item used or not (excepting expendables replacements)
    • ALL rent requires payment per period whether the item is used or not
  • Network pays for WORK DONE, this is not rent but payment for services.
    • This is not rent.
  • The vault owner does not set the payment amount for the work it does. But the network determines in real time the payment for the service of supplying that chunk.
    • Rent would be payment per period that the user supplies the vault. There is no regular payment at all, only payment for a service rendered and no payment at other times.

It is clearly not the network renting people’s vaults.

It is clearly the network paying for a service being provided and that is supplying a chunk of data that the network asked to be stored previously.


Please do not allow this topic to become the new is it server or not


Maybe SAFE Network will make farming cool again! I am looking forward to become a proud SAFE Network Farmer.

We will farm our hardware. Empty drives will be filled with seeds (chunks) that will grow into awesome trees (distributed applications) making the world a better place.


Sorry everyone I did not make myself clear to the point of being misleading. When I said ‘My immediate point of concern is the term farming. I appreciate that it is in many ways preferable to mining but farming concerns me almost as much as we are all being farmed.’ I meant to say that we are all being farmed by various state institutions and businesses and did not mean it to read as if SAFE was farming us all.


My two cents:

I think the term “farming” is really good because it implies a care-taking, contributing aspect, when taken to its base meaning of the act of tending fields, growing crops, assisting in the creation of new value, which is what a farmer does. A successful farmer in the long term also sees to the health of the land, the animals, etc., so they can produce.

It is especially good when compared to the term “mining” which is an extractive process of a zero-sum commodity.

I have always considered middleman extraction of data as mining, and have never heard the term farming used that way. I see that it is sometimes used that way but I don’t think it’s a broadly used concept. Most people when they year “farming” think of old Farmer Jones, etc., which is much more the right image.


Pepperidge Farm Safenet Farms Remembers :wink:



Farming does tempt… work for profit… rather than perhaps some clear contribution to shared concern.

Shepherds?.. tending flocks of [insert analogy alt “vault”]… clone sheep repeat until done.

If there is extension of analogy that is farming to more than that - seeds etc, then perhaps it’ll work but farming on its own is not as immediate perhaps as other terms?.. supermarkets I relate to! :cut_of_meat: