Is collective ownership possible with a vault?

Before you run your vault you add your pubkey to receive SAFEcoin for your POR rewards. Is it also possible to have collective ownership of a vault?

Why would you want collective ownership of a vault? Some of us will only have a mobile, but if you could just earn SAFEcoin by spending like 100 euro’s to own part of a vault. Imagine that you collectively bought something like this 120 TB Thunderbolt 3.

Let’s say 100 people each chip in, would it be possible to have 100 addresses receiving farming rewards and updating these addresses in the vault would require the privkey signing to relinquish ownership? It would also help if each contributor can monitor the status of the vault through the dashboard.

In the Netherlands you would run these vaults in areas with highspeed internet like here:


No for the sheer fact that when a coin is created as an award it cannot be split amongst multiple coin addresses.

You would simply do it accounting style. If you collective vault earnt 500 coins then you would split the 500 coins “n” ways.

Or you would run multiple vaults and one address per vault.