Invest in maidsafe coin


how to invest directly in maidsafe coin ? i see that maidsafe dont have a wallet and dont want to keep my coins in an exchange


You can use for MAID. You’ll want to send MAID to the wallet address along with enough BTC to cover transaction fees when you want to move it back out. is a decent tutorial video.


Whatever you do when you create an omniwallet account copy the walletID or you loose all your coins.

And enable 2FA


As @kellytk mentioned, Omniwallet is pretty much the only show in town regards transacting MAID, however, for storage of the coins themselves I personally use a non web based wallet, bitcoin core, but any btc wallet where you control the private keys will work. A little more hassle than a web wallet, but much more secure.


This needs repeated

ANd don’t forget the 2FA Two Factor Authentication.