I have accidentally spent my satoshis sent by maidsafe!

Have I lost my ICO purchase ?? Please if anyone could answer that I will appreciate… !

If you only spent the BTC from the address the MAID are in, no problem. In omniwallet you can check to see it the MAID are there, which they should be unless you specifically moved them.

Sounds like you just swept the BTC from that address. No problem. When you want to spend/move the MAID, you just need to send some BTC to that address to cover the transaction fee associated with sending the MAID.


I agree with @fergish - it sounds like there’s no problem.
Funnily enough, yesterday I posted an explanation which is relevant to what you’re asking.
See if it helps you to understand - take a look at this link here.


are you planning to cahs out your crowdsale?

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I am not planning on cashing out my crowdsale., checkthis! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the answer Fergish ! :slight_smile:

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