How will SAFE Network farming affect the world economy?

What is a list of all components of global economy that should increase and decrease in demand? Safecoin is a particular kind of incentive based on global data+communications that the world on the whole hasn’t dealt with before, which should be given much realistic thought and attention. This would also be based on the general consumer market, since the layout for the Network is based around that.

Obviously the distribution of Safecoin throughout the world as the most useful+secure digital cash would bring about its own economic distribution, and therefore a whole new paradigm of affordability (whatever that would even entail). The distribution of wealth from higher corporations to everyday people would increase wealth, decrease buying of substandard goods, etc. (Of course people will still have to break free of unhealthy conditioning through self-betterment, willingness to learn, etc. That topic almost can’t be quantified.) This would affect the smaller things (though I’m not sure in what ways) that I’ll speak of now.

I’m not some expert, but for one of these smaller things: I’d think upload speed would become much more in demand if the incentive to output to as many people is vast, possibly way beyond applications that currently exist. …Then you’d have specific hard drives that have the best i/o (mainly output) ability/speeds/life-cycle.

I was mainly thinking about the impact of farming on the prices of upload speed. Would upload speed get more expensive in the top rungs of upload speed? Would current average/decent upload speeds’ price change? Are there more things I’m not considering? ISPs would likely be the ones scrambling the most, at least as far as their highest upload offering is concerned, as more and more people save up to buy the highest speeds. Anyway, I’m absolutely no economist, but curious about what will change.

I wonder if uncovering some new light would ultimately help Maidsafe adjust to better code decisions as time goes forward.