How to store videos and websites on the maidsafe network

Hello Friends,

i am new in the maid safe network, and I want to ask: is it possible to store and stream videos on the maid safe network ? please help


Short answer: yes you can


great !! is there any tutorial how I can learn how to do this ?

I would also pay somebody to show me how I can use the safenetwork and how to


it would be great if somebody help me
kooking forward

I’m not sure about if streaming is supported yet (maybe just downloading?), but you can upload videos with NFS.

Made a super simple video app on SAFE that lets you stream and watch some example videos:


Correct, streaming is not supported yet but is being added at the moment.

I’m not sure if you are thinking of any other type of streaming, but we do support streaming using the HTTP Range requests:

Obviously not with HTTP protocol but with safe://, so if you have an html player in a webapp sending Range headers when requesting a media file with safe protocol our browser will read the header and return the range it requested. We are trying to support multipart requests for Range headers that is not supported at the moment.


Apologies, I saw somebody working in this area on github and thought it was a new feature being added.

That’s cool. Something I must add to the LDP to do list! Thanks Gabriel.


Ah ok, no worries, I just wasn’t sure if you were thinking of other type of support.

BTW, I forgot to mention this is only supported in Peruse.