How confident are you that Maidsafe will deliver?

Great dev team and community.
It’s just matter of time of delivery.


I suspect that if the UK government tried to stop maidsafe, the team would relocate to somewhere more favourable.


It’s been mentioned that maidsafe Asia (solutions) could be the catalyst for launch if things were to turn up unfavorable in the EU


Any program is possible to make with coding these days. You just need the right people.


Very confident. The crew and team behind it including David the founder are very meticulous, thorough and I get the feeling they will plough through even if it’s David all on his own with not a cent to his name. So much has been achieved already through the testing and it is clear this moved from theoretical phase some time ago. Very confident and anyone who isn’t just needs to partake in the open testing that goes on.

I am not a coder so no I have not looked into the code but I have successfully used the network to PUT and PULL data as well as some other things and to me the levels of security seem tight but again I am no security expert. Ultimately hackers and experts will push the limits of this in time to come.


Seeing that there are tens of thousands of people interested in SAFE network before it is even released is mind blowing.


They already have. See my reply in the testing thread.
They absolutely already have.
Show me other coins with applications and a network this advanced.
Sure. its in the testing phase, but its here.


It’s a very slooow launch of the SAFE network. But it’s the most exciting project I have seen so far! Ethereum for example looked lame to me already from the the get go, and IPFS seems like silos to me. I’m about 50/50 certain that MaidSafe will deliver. :wink:


It’s not 50/50, It’s 90/10

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with slow i agree. we are waiting for Alpha 2 , Then Alpha 3 ( and the tests) after that beta. i think it will take another 2 years to go live , fully. But i have no doubts in this project. i think they can do it. with right resources everything is possible now a days.

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Maidsafe subscribe to the slowly, slowly, catchy monkey belief. I believe that they will deliver.

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Agree it’s under value. How I wish I could download the testing file and play with it to feel how you feel. Anyway because I have faithaids age. . I am going to be patiently wait for it to go live. I am appreciate of the team’'s hardworking and it must be tough for them to come this far. Bravo!

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Maybe I’ve misunderstood the details (I’m new here), but it’s this observation that gives me confidence. My guess is that many people who traditionally haven’t had bulky data needs will find themselves with large and confidential data sets soon (it’s certainly happening to me). Some portion of these people will (i) distrust handing it over to any one person/organization and/or (ii) distrust gov’t snooping (rightly or wrongly) in traditional data storage options, (iii) have relatively little cash to spend on storing it, and/or (iv) favour the apparent fairness of the “give storage/use storage” token model. I’d bet on this horse.


It will deliver something and the source code can still be deployed if the entire network explodes.

My only concern is echo chamber-y this forum seems to be. Being civil is one thing but if everyone agrees all the time that is a weakness. Privacy is taking on a strong adversary (government) for liberty. Being weakened will not help. Just saying


Interesting that you’re assuming it’ll outperform BTC and Ethereum.

While I personally discount Ethereum, BTC is another matter. So is tor.

Anytime you’ve got a prime mover position, huge community, widespread adoption - it’s not a trivial matter to displace.

Sure MaidSAFE will deliver something. Of course. There’s a good community with some strong marketing and technical leadership running the show.

There are going to be some limits on uptake which will stifle adoption by the business community. Even using central, high-speed hardware during test, its speed is a crawl compared to the commercial competition. If you’re 10x or 100x slower than Azure, being 1/3rd the price (or better) isn’t going to work for many users anyway.

People will say it’s not designed for businesses, but that’s like saying transportation is only for consumers. It’s overlooking a massive segment. Sure, there’s many people out there with PC’s and drive space. Farmers will be dead easy to find, just like on storj. Finding paying customers is another matter.

For £5.00 a month, I can put unlimited files on livedrive. It’s not perfect. It’s not decentralised. It’s an insect compared to what SAFE will be, hopefully. But, it’s an example of 1,000 competing solutions on the market.

When we think of how much more SAFE is than competing solutions, the defining differences have to be quantified and commercialised. If people won’t pay for the differences, then that’s a huge problem.

I’m not being a pessimist, just a realist. We can hope. We can want. But we shouldn’t assume, especially when tossing around names of things with mass uptake and great velocity. BTC is not a trivial thing to surpass.


I must revisit how Facebook achieved mass adoption

If I thought SAFE was competing on a purely financial incentive I’d share your concern. I think the real drivers will be immutability, security and access/freedom though. If cost is low then those things become more appealing to more people, but I would be very surprised if cost was the primary incentive given how many other unique things are offered by the network.

Agree, we can’t know until it happens. But we all have to make assumptions and follow a line of logic to make our predictions. If we don’t make predictions at all then we can’t be right or wrong :wink: I would like to give myself the chance of being right, so all I can do is stack up assumptions with facts to paint my own picture. I’m totally confident that MaidSafe will deliver something. I hope and assume that it will be close enough to my expectations that it will have the impact I imagine.

I agree with you though. I don’t think BTC is going anywhere. It’s a great store of value and if it were to be displaced it would likely take a long time. I don’t think we need to think about displacing other tech really, I’m more interested in what SAFE offers that no one else does.


Let’s hope, and plan, for the best :slight_smile: I’m equally hopefully of the differentiators and the community value. It may not displace anything - that’s a part of being innovative.


I liked your post and agree to disagree but just had to tag @BIGbtc and @goindeep in this response. Start reading there, no echo chamber, just your thoughts of one plus some like minded people (who I’ve seen actually are open to criticism unlike most other forums) :wink: :sunglasses:

I don’t agree with your stance. These are valid but weak points IMO.

For example:

  • that’s £5 per month for as long as you want the data stored (forever probably) whether you access it or not, whereas SAFE charges once only, and your data is effectively guaranteed to be there forever
  • that’s £5 per month until it’s more, when they decide to change the business model from building market share to monetizing their customer base, or sell out to a company that has other priorities, or they go bust, or… you name it.
  • in SAFE, your data is secure from hacking, and under your control and not accessible by anyone without your consent

These are a few key differences that matter to business. And on performance, you are making assumptions - let’s see how that compares for actual business applications.

On first mover, this really only gets hard to displace when there isn’t significant opportunity to build market share with new customers, or selling new services to the existing users of some other service (ie offering something significantly new). Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have a tiny market share of what is possible, and SAFE promises to blow them out of the water on features and performance as well, so no issue there for me.

If you think of SAFE as purely yet another storage solution, then you can make that argument, but it isn’t. SAFE is a platform, or rather it is an ecosystem which does not need mass adoption from day one. It has a strong and viable path from the start, and can build organically, eating into first one niche then the next, getting stronger with each bite. Call me an optimist, but I think I’m a realist :wink: