How confident are you that Maidsafe will deliver?


Confirming my stance…not an echo chamber :slight_smile:


A lot of people pick beta and VHS and say that VHS got the first mover. But what a lot don’t compare it with is VHS vs DVD. DVD came a lot later and all but wiped out VHS after a few years. Now in crypto everything moves faster so as you say it might be hard to displace BTC, but Bitcoin had better watch out if something better comes along. Now SAFE probably is not that thing and I can see both living side by side filling different purposes. Now after SAFE has been around for a while then some APPs on SAFE may cause BTC to fade away,


A lot of people also don’t realise how strong a contender Sony’s Betamax was in the earliest days and the reasons it started to lose ground (although I’m sure you remember it better than me @neo). Betamax had higher quality and reliability than VHS tapes, but there were three important factors that led to VHS winning the day. Firstly, VHS could do 4 hours in lower quality, Betamax could only record for 2 hours. Secondly VHS was cheaper. Thirdly, VHS was uncensored. Betamax put up roadblocks to stop the porn industry mass producing anything for their technology format, so the porn all went to VHS instead.

These classic analogies are often more interesting when you look deeper at what’s being compared and what really happened.

Anyone who only knows ‘Tulip mania’ from the “delusions & madness of crowds” book should also give this a read imo. Very interesting stuff!


The argument of some Bitcoin maximalists is that it doesn’t matter if something better comes along that’s more scalable or whatever, because Bitcoin can still be used as a store of value as digital gold, even if it’s not used for everyday use. I’m not sure if this argument makes any sense or not to be honest. Gold is mainly used as a store of value and isn’t in itself the most practical currency, but it also has thousands of years of history as a store of value.


Try to buy something online with gold. Even turning gold into cash is a pain in the backside, especially outside of the 9-5 business day.

The wrinkles of BTC are being ironed out. It is flawed, but then again so is the Pound Sterling.

It’s hard to think something with 250,000 transactions a day going anywhere but up.


Hard for you maybe. I tweet at about that level but reckon I’ve reached a ceiling :joy:


Hopefuly, the next milestone of SAFENetwork can be accepted or adopted by the masses in 2018.


Or 2019 or 2020… but it will happen


Just saw this not sure if I have commented or not but I’m 10/10 sure… Why wouldn’t we be sure… This isn’t some MLM ponzi scheme. Lol.


Is it not possible that they are unable to solve the technical challenges they would need to in order to build the network? As someone without a strong technical background I am not able to understand enough about the code to make a judgement of the likelihood of Maid coming into fruition, but I see some respected people with a strong engineering and Bitcoin background that are skeptical of whether Maid can deliver. Peter Todd and Daniel Daebek are two examples. Also for a project that promises such a game changing vision, I do not see too many people in the Bitcoin community showing much excitement about it outside of the Maidsafe community, which I find strange and I’m sure many of the people within the community do as well.


Why does it matter what the bitcoin/blockchain community think? Afterall, MAID doesn’t use a blockchain and will never be based on a blockchain. Eventually, I can see MAID/SAFE having its own news pods, press, social following etc… It is it’s own vertical/industry/market sector or whatever you want to call it, from there on it will carve its own destiny.

Whether the crypto community froth over it or not will not matter. MAID should and probably will have its own critics with famous ‘speakers’ and other so-called experts blowing smoke up its backside - similar to the Ethereum obsessors.

Just sayin.


You lost me at Daniel Daebek :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Just sayin :wink:

Edit: The code is stunningly beautiful, I dearly wish you were able to see that mate :+1:


I don’t think it would be in the best interest of the people heavily invested in blockchain cryptos and blockchain technologies to speak positively about maidsafe as this might be seen as promoting the opposition if that makes sense.


I think the problem is the lack of patience and high expectations of the Crypto Community. They don’t truly see the innovation being made in the SAFE Network. I also think many believe this is just another blockchain storage project and not a complete infrastructure and decentralised network.


Bitcoin and Ethereum have their own technical challenges. What makes you think they will succeed?


Peter Todd hasn’t really looked very detailed into how the SAFE Network is supposed to work though, his argument is basically that the problems are difficult, maybe impossible to solve, without really looking into the details of the proposed solution.


I don’t find this any stranger than those who view gold as the basic anchor for money having a hard time seeing that Bitcoin isn’t just some bubble. The SAFE Network is vapor to those who are solidly on the bitcoin train. They largely see it as an interesting concept, but not real enough to get excited about compared to “the blockchain” which is getting real traction, drawing a lot of investment, and IS functional.

We’re looking at a longer view, and fewer see it clearly enough into that future. And maybe we’re missing something important.

The leap from the existing scene to SAFE, because of its scope, is as large or larger than the leap from fiat to bitcoin. Can’t blame those who see the bitcoin vision finally getting real traction for not wading into a whole new body of data which hasn’t been proven in its final form.

We’ll just have to show them.


I can tell you I have made most of my lasting professional blockchain connections in the MAIDsafe community. Most of the foundation I have comes from the SAFEnetwork philosophy. I am still pretty deep into the “blockchain” development and it is currently rare I bring SAFE up into crypto related discussions, but that does not mean I do not have excitement for what MAID is building.

I spend most of my professional career looking into the future investing my time and resources on projects that will improve life for individuals. In all of my travels and research (first fell down the bitcoin rabbit hole in 2011) I have never come across a project with more promise than the SAFEnetwork. As long as @dirvine keeps the same message with the same goals…the surge of developer interest will be so big that only an autonomous network like SAFE will be able to scale to meet the demand.

Slow and steady. There is much benefit to this deeper level technology by having blockchain leading the pack right now.


Daniel Dabek is truly a (cough) legendary crypto pioneer and it is too bad not to have his support.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But who is Peter Todd? Is he legendary like Daniel Dabek?


He is a Bitcoin Core dev, and has authored BIPs such as check lock time verify ( I recently heard him during a Q&A comment that he had visited MaidSafe, and wasn’t convinced that a currency could be built without consensus. I was confused by this criticism. SAFE does have close group consensus controlling SAFEcoins, so perhaps his visit pre-dated that approach, or maybe he meant a universal consensus like Bitcoin? Perhaps I should relisten, but I think he didn’t explain fully (given it was in Q&A section of his talk).
I think that we shouldn’t dismiss out of hand criticisms from bright people. Sure not everyone has done the SAFE network deep dive, and some have vested interest, but he obviously knows a fair bit about distributed consensus systems. I also think that the ideas and criticisms should be evaluated based on their merits, not on the credentials of the person raising the question. Anyway, the only real way for anyone to find out what works is to give it a try and prove it.