Have we launched already?

Alternate Title 1: Hopefully “decentralized” won’t always mean “unregulated”
Alternate Title 2: Will there still be some good monikers left when SAFE launches?

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with no website to visit , all i can think is … imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
Although looking at the chart their not doing a very good job at imitating, :

(if that is the intent…which it might not be).

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It’s only being traded on one exchange and tweeted them hoping to get some info.

If anybody else wants to send a tweet to the the exchange’s Twitter account here they are - https://twitter.com/CoinExchangeio/

Just don’t want people buying it and thinking it’s the one that’ll be used on the SAFE Network.


@nicklambert Did Maidsafe patent the word “safecoin” along with the rest of its concepts? We might be being trolled. :smile:

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I saw the same thing and found it sketch, so I decided to invest more time and presence in the community. I got the browser, I’ll be around working towards the invite.


Scam obviously. I actually saw a google alert come up about this. I should of said something but was too busy over the break.


We have started the process of trademarking (you trademark words/brands/phrases as opposed to patenting which is more related to specific ideas/processes) safecoin. We have first filed in the UK then while file in other jurisdictions once that trademark has been granted. Typically the company that can demonstrate the first use of the mark will be in the strongest position. I’ll follow this up and today and make our IP partners aware.


Filing trademarks and patent to protect the innocent rather than profit for self. Gonna give you all love man