Happy new year, when it comes

Just polished the dregs of my birthday Jura and opened a Glenlivet 12 year old. The mother in law made the shortie and my wife is insisting you have a bit - Its actually very good, far better than shop-bought

Lang may yer lum reek and your bottom no leak. Onwards Captain!!!


Happy New Year to you David @dirvine and the wonderful MaidSafe team past and present for all the great work they have done this last year.

May 2021 be the year of great things in the world of Safe starting off with the test code we have now. Look after yourselves MaidSafe team, the world will be grateful when they realise what is being produced here.

And Happy New Year to everyone.


Ah, if your wife insists then obviously I’m accepting, and I do love a bit of shortie. [cough].

Happy new year @neo! What’s your tipple, or was I guess :wink:? Though it’s a special day so why not start it with a dram!


Supping a Laphroaig with some Pink Floyd before bed here. Time to reflect. I’m looking forward to 2021. Wishing the best for everyone!


Truly inspiring journey to be a part of! At the cusp of releasing this beautifully complex organism into the wild! More timely now than ever and getting it to where it is now a clear demonstration of grit, determination and persistence. Plus, yes, a little bit of crazy. Mostly a testament to people that believe in a vision and have integrity in following through aligned to their values.

Thanks David, the whole team, community contributors (past and present) and a great community of humans. I feel grateful to have been part of this on and off for the past several years. Here’s to another successful 365.2422 days revolving around the mass of energy and power that gives us all life!


Happy New Years everyone! Can’t wait to kick out the jams on Safe with all of you. :tada::partying_face:
Here’s to a dedicated and successful 2021


Oh yes we are ready ! Behind you since the beginning, and sending nothing but positive energy to you, the maidsafe team and this community. Happy new year !


Happy New Year all.

If nothing else, it’s colder…

Never doubt what technology can achieve.

I spent NYE at Tomorrowland



Here’s something we could ‘borrow’ - apparently ripped from the film Johnny Mnemonic (1995).


Haha, I didn’t make it to midnight so I’ll settle for the morning of the 1st, but Happy New Year all! Despite all the insanity, it’s been a big year for the Safe Network and MaidSafe. The software came a long way because of a lot of hard work from the dev team, and the community seems to be healthier than ever and rearing to go! This was my first year as an active participant here, and I wanted to say thanks everybody for being so welcoming. Here’s hoping that 2021 is even better!


I don’t comment much here, but I try to read every weekly update. It’s impressive the amount of progress that MaidSafe has made in 2020, and the resilience and dedication of those who have continued to work on this project for so long.

Thanks to @dirvine for not giving up and keeping the vision of a better online world!


Congratulations to the hardest working tech team I have grown to know from a distance! Always amazed by your prophetic dedication. And now to put on my hat of mysticism, know that we have officially entered the age of Aquarius. This is supposed to be the age of epic innovation, and invention. What we can surmise, then, is that the beginning of the Age of Aquarius in 2021 will only usher in the beginning of the widespread healing that’s still to come. We might see the rise of more social programs and a bigger emphasis on taking care of one another. Wellness for all is the very spirit of the Age of Aquarius, and that means even with dark days still ahead, there’s something truly magnificent on the horizon: the Safe Network!


This reminds of a thing that people say in the world of Irish Uilleann pipes (like the Scottish bagpipes only a bit gentler, to the non-initiated), a notoriously hard instrument. They say it takes 21 years to make a piper: 7 years learning, followed by 7 years practicing, and then 7 years of playing :smiley:

And of course, happy new year to the lot of you. Looking forward to plenty of playing!


There is also an Argentine myth which says that the 7th son would be a werewolf and the 7th daughter a witch. That is why there is a law (really, this is official) that determines that the president of the nation would become the godfather of the kid (to protect him magically from this curse), so the 7th kid gets granted a full scholarship for his whole education, plus all expenses related to it, including room and board, school supplies, texbooks even recreational time.


Thank you David for visualizing the simple, repeatable patterns that exist in nature and recognizing their potential to secure Privacy, Security and Freedom for all.

Thank you to all Devs, especially the current team who have been so productive within a new working environment.

Have no doubt, the world will embrace and marvel at what has been achieved here.


What a tremendous effort David, i am happy to have been able to spot this project from the beginning and stick to it upto this upcoming start.

It has been a challenging few years for everyone, but look where this exciting roller coaster brought us now!

Thank you and your team for the many years of dedication, you guys have earned the badge of brilliant geniuses.

I have no doubt the (big baby Fleming) Safe Network will run smoothly into 2021! :champagne::champagne::champagne:


Happy New Year everyone!

It was a hell of a year last year wasn’t it? But I count my self ridiculously lucky to get get to work on this amazing project with a wonderful team. Such a joy.

I hope this year blesses you all. It’s gonna be an exciting one that’s for sure!


In the 90’s and early 2000’s there was a small window where it felt like the internet was completely open and free and there wasn’t anything anyone could do about it. If this works I’m looking forward to going back to that :slight_smile:


The world needs freedom of data, whether it likes it or not.