Happy new year, when it comes

Just a quick note to say thanks to everyone. This last year has been hard work, and we had to turn around a beast, but we did it. That was recovering from the previous year of debate and some nonsense related to a fiefdom that should never have happened.

I feel now, more than ever we have the focus and the right tools to get us over the line. We are doing a ton of code tidy just now, but that’s all it is, just tidy. We also have all of the byzantine agreement/fault tolerance/crdts in our pocket to help. So, all in all, we have reduced the code by, well I don’t know how much, but a significant amount. We are getting the codebase neat and clean now and looking at interoperability with other languages and tools—a nice place to be.

A special should out to @joshuef @bochaco and @qi_ma for the last few days; it’s been great, these guys don’t give up (thank God), their dedication is comforting and makes our job much easier. Also @lionel.faber and @yogesh for just tearing through code like possessed beasts, doing what’s asked, then a whole load more. @oetyng for the work in transfers and rewards so far has been a whirlwind (literally as he vanishes, commits a ton of code and repeats) and a huge step for us, basic for now, but the machinery is there. @adam for his rust leadership, @danda for the exceptional work with byzantine crates and crdts (he has managed the contract for this and has worked in a focussed and measured way to get us a cracking toolbox of new weapons), @StephenC for being “that guy”, the one you go to and know it’s all gonna be cool. @JimCollinson of course, for the obvious, its all, the deep insights, checking and testing of many many concepts and of course poking all the devs with “how can this be that” type questions. Holding so much together, quietly and completely professionally in the background is @sharontannahill our secret weapon. She makes the business side go smoothly and handles all the cash for us. You can put all your trust in Sharon and never fear.

A great wee team that really has pulled together, not always easy, of course, debates and questions, but never personal and never (extremely rarely) in private. The team’s open and speaks in the open, and that is what holds it all together.

So here we are 2021, we can see the logic, it makes sense. We can understand how the beast works and now want to give it a real run.

Lastly, the community and Investors in the business need memories like elephants to remember this journey’s start. To still be around is bewildering at times, and to have kept the faith is remarkable. After so many false starts, upsets and just bloody bad luck at times, we are here. We are now actually here, and I cannot help that you all enough. Scary times, the baby is growing up, she’s gonna be walking very soon and before we know it will be off on her own, decentralised Internet that she is.

I feel tired, relieved, and scared, have we missed something (I bet we have loads of wee things)? Will folk use this? are we too late? And way more questions are always at the back of my mind, but we made a promise, we are still here to deliver that promise and deliver we will.

So thank’s one and all and lets all crack open a wee celebration drink tonight and just breath cause this is happening!!

2021 Here we come, are ye ready?


And thanks to you too David. What it’s taken for you to take this from an idea to this point is beyond belief. :fireworks: Happy New Year :champagne: to all of you at MaidSafe from me and if I dare, on behalf of this community.

:partying_face: Happy New year from me to all my friends and sparing partners, not forgetting the many vital lurkers. :sunglasses:

Have a great 2021 everyone, and fingers crossed we can crack open some Champagne for a beta. :pray:

Good job I get a new quota of emojis in a few hours!


And thanks to you as well Mark. Your work on Vdash and SAFEGit has been superb and I thank you sincerely for it. It’s not just David and the company devs pushing this forward, your work along with @mav and @Scorch and the others who have contributed are most valuable too.

A special thanks to @Dimitar and @Sotros25 for their tireless work and also to all the mods.
Who knows, next year I might keep them all less busy? I hope to have some more free time soon and get properly into exploring the testnet.

Have a good New Year, every single one of you all.


A great big thank you to everybody! Good job, David! No sense in making a longer list. You know who you are, and you know that I know who you are.



I dont do prayers


Yes and no, respectively! It is going to be awesome!

The world needs an Internet where data isn’t locked up insecurity in data silos. It needs a cloud which is genuinely amorphous, secure and ever present.

We don’t need multitudes of different APIs, deplatforming, nor censorship. We need simple cross platform, cross device, cross application data which can be controlled by its creator and shared publicly and impartially with others.

The use case for safe network remains as strong as ever.


Happy new year… And love from India :india: great project


Happy New Year to the MaidSafe Team and Safe Network Community!! Thinking back to this time last year, we’ve come such a long way. We laughed and cried, debated and rallied together. Some of us even committed to digesting socks. Here’s to another year of progress and growth in 2021!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::tada::champagne:


Happy New Year to all. Thank you to dirvine and team MaidSafe for their grit, skill, determination, and many dev-years of hard work! :partying_face:


I’d say the case for the Safe Network increases with each passing day! We live in interesting times and the Safe Network will give lasting and permanent record of them. IMO, it’s going to radically change the world in many ways.

Have no fear @dirvine, you are going to be the Linus Torvalds of the new Internet … or someone famous like that! Hope you are prepared for all the attention you will get when Safe goes beta!

Happy New Year all!


Happy New Year! Best of luck all, great work in 2020… Incredible… But 2021 is the year. @dirvine unbelievable dedication, unbelievable vision! time to finish the job off now and make it all become a reality :grin:


Maidsafe’s integrity, transparency, and accountability are unmatched in the crypto sphere. Thanks to all of you for your diligent effort in 2020. 2021 is going to be spectacular. :racehorse:



Less than a year ago, January 23th 2020 Dev Update:

…and now it is all the reality. Really, really well done!

Happy new year everybody!


A little something for you all to dance along to at the bells


:happy_new_year: Good health and good luck to all in the new year!


I am impressed at the resilience and commitment to the vision.
I think Maidsafe may hold the record for the longest ‘startup’ prelaunch in history!
haha, I would be really interested to hearing a TED talk about that.

@dirvine went ahead with his novel idea even if every expert around him discouraged him for having a crazy idea, to keep working at it even if everyone was laughing at it, to be accused of snake oil and vaporware salesman, and yet to stick to it for 7 years … to then taking the very bold decision of rebuild it from zero to add some improvements delaying it for another 7 years.
That’s quite an epic odyssey worth to be left for posterity. There is the agile way, the waterfall way and the ‘maidsafe’ way haha.

I can feel that the tides are turning, the concept will be finally validated and we will finally get the vindication that finally settles the question if @dirvine is a madman or a genius.
He is clearly both :smiley:

Happy new years to everyone!


Congratulations to all who made it through 2020 with most of their sanity intact!

:partying_face::partying_face: Happy 2021 to all :partying_face::partying_face:


Raising a wee dram to you all, all the best for 2021 (any chance we can skip this one?) :clinking_glasses:


Raising a large dram to you too, pal

Here, have a dod o shortie…


I’ll stick with the Glenlivet thanks :wink:, and the Glenmorangie, and the Founder’s!

I’m well stocked if you know what I mean. A captain sails on his, mm whatever.

I wish you all the best for 2022 Willie, take care.