Hackers Have Already Started to Weaponize Artificial Intelligence

HAIckers are going to have such fun with humans :kissing_heart:

  • wealth is an privatekey
  • privatekeys don’t have 2fa or biometrics (these would probably not even help against a hacking AI (the logic next step is AI hacking, hackers will just teach them the tricks)).

The AI outperformed a human (though they left out all the time and effort to build the AI prior to the competition).

A large percentage of inbound marketers will have used, or built, Twitterbots to search for certain keywords, follow people in the search results, unfollow if not followed within 24 hours, tweet to the people they’ve followed once or twice, etc. A £200 bit of software (or a day of time with php/curl), about £20 in purchased accounts, another £20 in rotating proxies, and an hour or two to set it up and you’d have trounced the AI and human results combined.

It’s just so much cooler these days to say AI, instead of scripts+curl+proxies, even if the results take more effort and generate less success.

Doesn’t it have to get smarter and better at achieving the desired outcome, in order to be AI? Otherwise, they just did the £240 solution, without much success :stuck_out_tongue:

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