Finding a currency symbol for Safecoin



The top corner of the inside triangle seems off because of an optical illusion (I guess); can you maybe tweak it a bit? It wouldn’t be precise anymore, but it would look better.


Good ideas. The rounded delta is nifty, and puffy. The bottom of the angle strip, should be in the center. 20 percent to the right which indicate 120 percent. Safecoin resource cycle can push up to 120 percent under certain circumstances. It is like an human blood rate meter. When one were to run, it requires more red cells into the muscles so the heart has to pump more. 120/80 is the healthy for the heart!

I like second row, 4th image.


I’m thinking about people trying to write these symbols and others getting to read them.

Subtle curves and shapes might not work as well as easily recognised combinations such add a modified S etc.


sad but true :scream_cat: i do love that smooth rounded triangle, i just can’t reproduce it by hand :joy_cat:

here’s one i can; not as pretty, but super simple:


Short and sweet: I like the first one a lot. I do feel there is a bit more there to squeeze out of the idea.
Maybe let the S and = run through each other?
I like it.


Sure I can tweak it a bit, but it is too early to create the pixel-perfect symbol. First, we have to find the general concept of the symbol. Once we found that, once we agree, we can then tune it to be picture perfect. Anyway, just like each font has a slightly different $ symbol (some have 2 vertical bars, some only one, some only a partial bar on top and the bottom), just like there are variations on the Bitcoin B, once there is an established SAFE Coin symbol, different apps, different fonts will have different interpretations of the same concept. First we have to find this generic concept. Will it be an S (I am against that), will it be a Delta, some other known letter? Some “random” symbol that does not represent a letter?


For those who would like to build upon these Delta variations, play with them, modify them, etc. The SVG file can be found here: SVG file on GitHub.

Thanks to @frabrunelle for pointing out the idea of publishing it as a “gist”.


FYI: Different countries have different dollar symbols. AUD & USD have different number of vertical bars.


Here are some other ideas. They are based on these (different) thoughts:

  • An “S” is basically a group of 2 semi-circles, its basic form is circular
  • We can create something that has a hint of an S, but is not an S and hopefully easily distinguishable from an S.
  • Ideas/Emotions of: “Joining”, “Sharing”, “Embrace”, as in 2 embracing circles, 2 joining semi-circles. The semi-circles might even seen as “Open” (e.g. open-minded) or “Inviting
  • Can be drawn by hand (2 or 3 motions/strokes)
  • Same width and height (roughly) as a $ symbol
  • The hinted S in these symbols stands for S as in SAFE

Here are the new ideas: (Bottom left gives a white background S, can anyone see it?)


The use of a letter with one/two lines through it is universally recognised as a currency symbol. It was chosen by the country because it is reconisable. Both visibly and easily written.

And we see other more visually pleasing images used by various groups for their country’s currency and we see that for bitcoin

I think if we wish to become mainstream for currency then using the universally recognised form of currency is best. Anything else is seen by the mainstream public as not quite legit and seen as “monopoly money”

This to me seems extremely important for anyone who has dealt with money (pays, earnings, and so on) for any significant length of time. This is one of the reasons bitcoin ended up with the lines through “B”


Word. I think I just liked it too much and wanted it finalized on the spot :joy_cat: Since then I found myself agreeing with @happybeing on that it needs to be easy to write… But again, some symbols have a “perfect” print version and a simplified handwritten version, right?


Does somebody here know how to start reserving a spot in the Unicode namespace for the symbol (whatever it ends up being like)? :joy_cat:

How about a flipped Korean won symbol? ₩ <<< that would be an M for MAIDSAFE :smirk_cat:


Or an 8 with the lines? Resembles the $ symbol, but also the S for SAFE.

Or let’s turn it 90 degrees and now it’s based on the infinite symbol, which doesn’t mean much in this context, but it’s cool and all.


I like this one:




Would be good except that MAIDSAFE is the company and SAFE / SAFEcoin is the coin.

The first I saw that it reminded me of the “cents” symbol whic is a lower case “c” with a line through it.


Well I’m not saying it’s perfect, but the S is already taken :scream_cat: How about the 8 then?

I’m thinking about building on existing letters because it may be too much to introduce a new currency and a completely new symbol at the same time; people are better at handling one novelty at a time. Think “vampires in space” – not such a hot idea even now that both vampire movies and space movies are relatively mainstream.


S with two horizontal lines is available (as in the British Pound symbol £ - which is an L with one/two horizontal lines).

This is very easy to write (two penstrokes), easy to recognize, looks like a currency symbol, starts with the S from Safecoin… what’s not to like!? :wink:


How about Σ with one or two vertical lines through it?

As S in the Greek alphabet it stands for SAFE, it looks a bit like M for MAIDSAFE, and it’s easy to draw neatly by hand. (Apologies for not including the vertical line.)


Here is yet another idea: The Greek letter for S, the Sigma symbol Σ

  • easy to recognize (we have all used it as Sum Σ symbol in math)

  • different from S and $ confusions

  • idea or concept of “Sum”, the sum of all people, aggregation of individuals into something bigger,

  • Wikipedia page on Sigma says Σ also stands for “self-energy in condensed matter physics, the balance of the invoice classes and the overall amount of the debts and demands in economics”

  • Greek letter of S for SAFE Coin

  • like in the Bitcoin B I made the vertical lines only short stubs on the top and bottom in order to keep it simple

  • hand-written it would most likely be counted as 3 strokes, as the vertical strokes would be continuous (top to bottom)

PS: I didn´t know but there is even a full web page on the Bitcoin Currency Symbol


Ok, ok, last idea, after reading the Bitcoin Symbol webpage carefully, I produced this, which I think is the SAFE Coin equivalent to the Bitcoin Symbol Ƀ. The horizontal-dash B symbol Ƀ is also found on the Wikipedia page for Bitcoin. Without further ado: (PS: this is not so far off from the 2nd option of the very first post from @nowfeelsafer )

Food for thought: maybe just like Bitcoin there should be a symbol (easy to put in text documents or write by hand) as well as a logo (used on webpages, posters, etc).


It’s useful to be able to use existing unicode characters. Here is a proposal for the safecoin symbol as unicode character U+1D54A: