Filecoin vs safe network

Ipfs has been a great success, decentralized file storage for free. Filecoin will be the next iteration which instead of supporting the network with a node to allow uploads, users just need to pay with filecoin for it. Ipfs is also used for websites with ipfs domains. What are your thoughts on competition like this?

I also hear a lot on this forum that safecoin is backed by data where bitcoin is not backed by anything. This makes safecoin superior, by that logic siacoin should be number 1 on marketcap which it is not. It is also good to note that many users do not pay for file storage, they use the free upload limits on places like google drive.Bitcoin is at the top because it has the most infrastructure supporting its use. Marketing and first mover advantage also plays a role.

Safecoin will be big don’t get me wrong but being backed by data should not be the only reason why you think it will dominant the space.

So, are you looking for information to write an article about? Or are you fishing for what makes the safe network different as to get some insider trading?

SAFE vs Filecoin who will win?

Apples vs oranges…

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What are you talking about? The goal is simmilar