Fermat's Internet of People (IoP) and Maidsafe

So I’ve been studying a lot more on Fermat (@happybeing, @frabrunelle, @nicklambert, @dirvine) and their project “Internet of People”. Sorry @happybeing I wasn’t as up to speed on what they were doing when you first asked me for more details. It is essentially a way to do P2P apps over any device. They have lots of plans to connect to disparate but complimentary networks. I think the Maidsafe community and Fermat’s have so many parallels of thought in the decentralized landscape and would compliment each other in great ways. They know of Maidsafe and decentralized data is a large part of their future plans. It’s a long and technical read, but this explains a lot of how their system works. https://hackernoon.com/fermat-the-internet-of-people-and-the-person-to-person-economy-ce933865a0b0 Please take some time and digest through this.

If you have any questions I’ll try to point you in the right direction.

Always Online Info: If there is some information that needs always to be online (we assume end user devices are not), this information might be stored outside end user devices (preferably at a decentralized storage system like Maidsafe, Storj or IPFS).


Imagine any safe app being able to connect to any other P2P project out there. Distributed exchange (safecoin <=> anycoin) from the safe wallet, distributed computation (need smart contracts in your app and the safe network doesn’t have it yet? - use ethereum perhaps). Imagine any other P2P app being able to connect and talk securely to the safe network and store its data or some of it’s data. I believe a partnership with Fermat could be key to the future growth of the safe network.