Everipedia = Wikipedia + cryptocurrency on IPFS

I’ve had a brief play with Everipedia.org, a kind of Steem + Wikipedia hybrid founded by Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia.

It is still in beta but looks very nice, although it loads poorly due I think to sitting on IPFS, and I was surprised to see pages show up for Maidsafe (two in fact!) and MaidsafeCoin!

Editors are rewarded in cryptocurrency based on EOS.

I think something similar built on SAFE will eat this for breakfast because the UX is very poor. Safecoin will probably provide alternative reward options too.

I suggested to Larry he look at SAFE recently and he was understandably skeptical, but I think it will be worth keeping in touch with him when we have Fleming in place, although this is also an opportunity for others in the mean time.

I left some feedback and have asked Larry if I’m right about the IPFS issues here:


Ha, just a minor complaint. In the link, you spelled it all too correct :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Thanks for reminding me though. I’ve been holding a couple of IQ tokens ever since the intial airdrop, but never really paid a visit. I will probably contribute.

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