DeepCode cleans your code with the power of AI


This looks really cool, and could be useful to us as long as it doesn’t produce too many false positives. It did give a nonsense suggestion for one of my Java repos, which isn’t surprising since it seems like it learns from commonly-made changes across GitHub commits (e.g. it suggested a function rename for my repo, which was pretty nice and unexpected).

Unfortunately, it looks like they don’t support Rust yet based on this article (I couldn’t find this information on their website). It supports Javascript though! Edit: forgot to add that it’s free for open source! :grinning:


Thanks for this info.

btw, if anyone knows about open tools for code auditing, thanks for sharing.

This is imho a rather important issue with all the open projects proposed today,
and could help being more confident with running (or not) the code.

(I have recently experimented an open code being in fact a nice virus gate
… and this vaccinated me a bit).

Looks like JavaScript, Java, & Python are listed at the bottom of the page at You can sign up for email notifications when new languages are added.


I already did that for Rust.