Could Prokey be a hardware wallet for MAID?

Just spotted this… supports omni. Could t be an option for a MAID hardware wallet?

Anyone tried one?


They did not write it in the list of supported coins, but we can send them an inquiry:

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I would get one if they did

Seems to support Omni

I sent them an inquiry, after they answer I will write what the result is :dragon:

Another of their sites. Things don’t seem serious to me, even if they supported MAID, I wouldn’t put my crypto on their wallet. Trezor works perfectly with MAID for now.

Things don’t look good. Both co-founders of the company have indicated webgodio for previous workplace but according to them they worked there from 2016 to 2018, but this company was established in 2018 …




I wouldn’t.

The site isn’t https, just http.

Its run / owned by prokey technologies.

Google image searching 2 of the 4 listed as employees.


Yea he that does look pretty sketchy


Just better safe than sorry here i think.


Agree. I think we better be Safe, indeed!


What about a text-document + veracrypt + usb-stick = free opensource hardware wallet. :slightly_smiling_face::love_you_gesture:

I dont get wht ppl dont just use btc core wallet.
It doesn’t need to be synced or up to date.
It has its own system to password protect it.
You can create an address, send to easily.
You can export keys easily.
You can run of tails usb if you want so its only using ram, not interacting with pc really, just disable Internet in tails.


Not nearly the same. The key missing things with that approach that the hardware wallet does are offline key generation and offline transaction signing.

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Whats wrong with a Trezor?

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Omnitrezor I can’t say it works well. With the updated trezor T, downgrading the firmware in order to access Maidsafecoin, is still quite difficult for ordinary mortals.
I trust you will be able to update the OmniTrezor to work with the Trezor updates. I read that they were working on it, can it be true? Otherwise, how can those Maid funds be accessed in OmniTrezor?

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Are you still having problems since the fork I mentioned below?

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Hey guys, This is Mazyar, CEO of Prokey.

We’ve had several messages about MaidSafeCoin since yesterday and I chanced upon this forum after a little research.

First of all, thanks for everyone’s interest in our company and product. Our device can support all assets on the OMNI channel but we only recently added USDT because of its popularity.

In all fairness, this is the first time I’ve heard about MaidSafeCoin and we can add MaidSafe with a few lines of code.

I’ll ask the development team to integrate MaidSafeCoin with Prokey on the next firmware update and share it here with you.

There also seems to be some misunderstandings on who and what we are, let me clarify:

Our main website is and prokeytech dot net is a just portfolio of previous company’s projects. Also, our founders does not have any relations with which was registered in 2018. This is only because that company has the same name as our previous group.

I do hope that this clears most of the uncertainties here. If you’re still unconvinced, please let me know and I’ll be happy to help clarify further.

Have a great day.


Thank you for the reply. Does your product have independent audits?

By the way, our token is number 3 in the storage tokens:


We just released the stable version of the product and sent it to the a security researcher for auditing.

Subsequently, we’re going to release the source code of wallet’s website which is a client-side web application and along with our SDK after finishing all the documentation which will allows third parties to use Prokey in their own projects.


Thanks for the information, we will follow with interest the development of your product. Happy holidays! :safe:


OK, I mess up sometimes.
I’ll admit when I do though.
Looks like the multiple identity issue is down to how Google lens works.
As Hadi is a contact on other peoples LinkedIn, and his pic is shown on their page, thats just how Google lens displays the results.

Sorry about that.