Could Breach be the perfect browser for the network?


My post at!forum/breach-dev

Hi guys,

Could be the perfect browser for the network?

Reasons for developing on the MaidSafe platform:

Get your apps everywhere
No API key - just download our code and start using it
Extremely low customer acquisition costs and no infrastructure costs
Apps that adapt in real-time to changes in demand
Provide security, privacy and anonymity to all your users

Please reach out to the developer team if your looking to reach 6 Billion people :slight_smile:!forum/maidsafe-development


Chris Foster


Excellent find. This could be a fast way to get a SAFE browser


I salute you Chris, because you are really sharing great projects


A lego browser, I just hope that it can’t be Breached.



Agree 100% great links and insights, he even caught Niall and his abilities. The teams coming on as well as the community, something must be right.