Buying Maidsafecoin

Is there a way to buy Maid other than using BTC or Eth as I prefer holding those long term.I have a UK bank account although I am living in Australia at the moment and prefer buying using fiat currency if possible. I am trying to open an account with Coinspot who accept AUD in Australia but it is painful trying to open an account with them and they sell at a premium.
I prefer to use GBP if possible if there is an exchange who accepts it.
Please advise


You could buy some BTC through localbitcoins and then use that to purchase some MAID.

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Why worry about the premium with the money to be made on cryptos. Most of the sites require identity verification, which is the painful part. Coinspot is convenient to use once you are in.

OK thanks for that, I’ll have a look

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Thanks, As you suggest it will be worth waiting for Coinspot.

You could also ask on

Specifically this topic. Just be mindful to ask in a way that is on topic so the post isn’t deleted by their mods.

Is CoinSpot based out of Australia. I tried to buy SAFE coin but I saw the dollar figure as AUD.

Yes, it is for Aussies

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