is supposedly done - import maidsafe to another wallet possible?

Based on a recent Bitcoin subreddit thread, is supposedly done. I’ve been storing [quite a lot of] maidsafe coins in there, and so I’m hoping if anyone else is in the same boat, or anyone who might know if it’s still possible to salvage my MAID by importing into another wallet using the secret key?

Technically, it seems have been mishandling unconfirmed transactions, but does this imply that confirmed transactions are safe and we can still pull MAID out?

I could try importing into Omniwallet but are there better wallets that can read and display MAID? isn’t going anywhere… They just aren’t very reliable for showing balances on various accounts etc. They are often several blocks behind on displaying confirmations etc. People used to look to and expect some accuracy, but that hasn’t been the case for quite some time.

On the wallet side, They have also had a couple of big screw ups with bad Random number generators… They fixed it and made it right with those who where hurt… I wouldn’t panic about them. They really don’t control your wallet anyway…

Anyway, yes, you can send your coin to a different wallet… Just make sure it is a real wallet, and not something like circle or coinbase. I keep mine on a paper wallet I made from


After a bit of a panic moment, I’ve realized [breathe] that because the blockchain is decentralized, and wallets are locally encrypted, maidsafecoins should be relatively “safe”, assuming that the developers are not SO inept that they are storing private keys unencrypted on their own servers, or manipulating their own javascript.

Don’t you just hate it when you have a bit of a moment, talk yourself out of it, then reply to your own forum topic?


Much appreciated, I’ve seen reddit threads and blog posts talk smack about them a few times before, but they have the best 2FA out there [specific to Bitcoin that is].

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