BitTorrent Sync going full retard, Will MaidSafe seize that opportunity?

BtSync was the best solution for sharing files in a distributed way. (dropbox like)

Last week their closed source software was crippled in the new version, with a limit of 10 folders.

With the codebase maidsafe has so far, Do you think something that can do better than this can be released in reasonable delays ?

Are there any milestones that can produce something people can use without compromising the development of the final vision ?

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I would hope we can do that. It’s all about us getting through testnet3 right now, the opportunities are huge. Remember nobody has a secure p2p or autonomous network you can log into and get your private data. This is the part that differentiates us a lot I think. Nobody can stop anybody on the network and no monitoring snooping or controlling in any way. It’s gonna be epic I believe, may take a while to ripple thorough but I am not sure, I know a class in Australia now that will take it on board :slight_smile: thanks again folks


That’s like the most brilliant story ever. I’ve read it a couple of times :slight_smile:


Is there anything wrong with

What is that class / story ? There are a few millions users of btsync …

The “class story”: A Different Perspective