Bitcoiners Who Use Tor – Be Warned!

Basically if you got Tor on your computer you can be hacked, starting dec1.

But we all know where this is going, it would be helpfull to see computing on the SAFE Network, like this.

It would especially be fun to see somebody try to install malware on your OS running on the SAFE Network.


If your computer is compromised then you have zero security, it doesn’t matter what network you run.

The Tor article is misleading - indicating that Tor is insecure; it is not. Tor may not be the best anonymizing tool, but it isn’t a security hole in your system. This new law merely makes those outside the USA a target if they are using Tor.

What we need besides SAFEnet and uncompromised hardware is a solid audited OS with a solid audited firewall built-in. Plus tools/daemons that detect and respond appropriately to hacking attempts. I started down this road several years back with my AnonymOS project, but there wasn’t sufficient interest at the time to fund it … I am now busy with other things, so I likely won’t get back to it anytime soon. Perhaps someone else is working on this somewhere?

It’s ridiculous (Orwellian) that they are calling these bill’s before congress the “Stopping Mass Hacking Act” … when in fact it’s authorizing the FBI to engage in mass hacking.


I agree on every point.

Tor was a good start and there’s no reason to abandon yet. It is under attack from several directions precisely because it works well for most of its users.

Also, the fact that we don’t have perfectly secure OS’s is not a reason to give up on Tor. You use what you have while looking for something better.

The paradoxical naming of the bill is like absolutely everything else those people do: its intention is the opposite of its name. Whenever those people declare war on something we always end up with more of it, not less.


Since like using Tor would become an invitation to be hacked by the FBI. Roll on SAFEnetwork!


What I’m secretly hoping is that we can get something like Chrome OS

For instance if you have something like Ubuntu (totally stripped down) on a CD with only the SAFEr Browser installed on it and you could access your apps in the SAFEr Browser. Somebody would have a tough time installing malware on something like that, I think. Don’t know if a bootable Snappy is possible…

The SAFE Network is a logic place to host Tor websites, I just hope that people eventually figure that out.

When I look at this

The only conclusion I can draw is that the SAFE Network is bulletproof hosting. It would be fun to see a community member upload public data on the SAFE Network and turn this to a Tor website, it would give the Tor community some insight into hosting. I’m a simple consumer, so I can’t do it :unamused:

Ooh keee let’s have fun, I’m offering 1000 Maidsafecoin to whoever can upload public data on the SAFE Network and link that to a Tor website. There are some requirements.

  • you should make a video how you do it.
  • Your video should have over a 1000 views on whichever video platform you put it
  • You should write an article on the Tor reddit blablabla
  • You got to link to the Maidsafe forum, so Tor users can download the SAFE Network Alpha so they can take a spin.
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That will easily happen … You can use TAILS now and hopefully they’ll put SAFE browser on it when it’s available … the problem is I’m not aware of any recent security audits of TAILS. [ ]. It would be nice if there was a permanent community supported security auditing foundation that would do audits of key software on a regular basis.


yea, exactly. but the most important development in this regard will be the safe-os, operating directly from the network. i guess you could strip everything down to just some bootloader on a usb drive and directly boot from safenet. i hope this will be possible sooner rather than later.