Augmented Reality and SAFE

This is so big a subject i hardly know where to begin.

Imagine the future of computing: the computer shrinks and shrinks, and eventually disappears into your eyeglasses or a headband, initially with retinal projection (google glasses?) but before long with a direct, brain interface.

We will have the limiting case of freedom of association. I can hardly even begin to get my mind around it.


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Which pill is the Borg pill? I don’t want that one. But I do want to remember the name of that person I hadn’t seen in 10 years. I would like to relive that moment I went camping in the wilderness and I would like to explore the canyons of mars.

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The Borg isn’t on the freedom-of-association trajectory, where you can disconnect.

EDIT: Anyway, I was talking about augmented reality (digital overlay of ones immediate experience) and not virtual reality (replay or synthesis of an experience).

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Group think does have its advantages. As a species we do rely on the expertise of others to get along. The mantra of we are all one may be true but the ride on this big rock is most fun when taken with the illusion of free will.

Back in 2012. LCD display in your contact (lens)